Persuasive Essay

Persuasive essay

Although many people believe that gambling is good clean fun, I believe that gambling will
cost society more than it would benefit.
The first reason that society will be hurt from gambling is that even though some
casinos create thousands of jobs, there are some downfalls to that. For example the jobs
used for casinos have taken away other jobs from other areas of the economy. And the
jobs that casinos do provide are low paying jobs workers generally do not move up the
corporate ladder.
Another reason that society will be hurt from gambling is that most people who do
gamble are the main ones who cannot afford to gamble. And it is these people who gamble
so that they can “strike it rich” and become millionaires without proper education, and
hardwork. Businesses profit a great deal on the poor’s dream, which is like a tax on a poor
person’s dreams.
What I believe is the deadliest of all reasons that society will be hurt from gambling
is that where there is gambling, there is bound to be crime. I recently saw a movie where
there two owners of two casinos that were in some kind of casino Mafia. As if that
weren’t bad enough there was crime going on everywhere in the casino. this is very similar
to real life because there have always been reports of crimes that tourists themselves have
faced. One tourists I met was robbed in broad daylight. Another tourist’s belongings were
stolen from their own room by the maids that were supposed to clean his room. If
gambling is so fun, then why is there so much crime where gambling is legal?
Yet another problem with gambling is that many people develop a gambling
problem. This problem has been compared to alcoholism. In conclusion society will be
hurt more than it will benefit it by gambling. So my advice is don’t ever gamble, nothing
good has ever come from it.

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