Personality Test

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Test measures personality according to eight traits, in twos. The first set of traits tested is introversion and extroversion. When taking this test, I scored twenty-two introversion points and only six extroversion points. According to the test, I am an introvert. This means that I better relate to the world of ideas rather than the world of people or things. Introverts are energy conservers. They hold in stress, feelings, and ideas and they build up as long as possible. This type of person would push to the limit all day and hold as much in as possible. When they sit down at the end of the day, they are exhausted. This is what I do. Introverts are quiet but friendly and generally reserved with incredible drives for their own ideas. I feel that I am an introvert because I relate more to ideas and feelings than people. I am very shy and reserved but friendly. I have trouble remembering names and faces but I am interested in what people do and say. I am very detailed and somewhat of a perfectionists, carefully thinking about things before I act. The second set of traits are the sensate and intuitive. The sensate involves a preference to work with known facts while the intuitive is a preference to look for possibilities and relationships. Sensate personalities are characterized by those who do research and observation. This type of person wants to know the facts and can see what is on the outside. They tend to take things at face value. Sensate personalities prefer routines and standard ways of doing things. They tend to be precise and attack things step by step, usually planning ahead. Intuitive types are the opposite. They have no planned schedule, dislike routine, and enjoy new problems. They follow their inspiration and are quick to jump into things without facts. They tend to see deeper into people and things beyond face value. I scored higher in sensate personality, which was not a surprise for me. I consider myself to be rather predictable. My daily routine is monotonous- just the way I like it. I do what I know and seldom try new things. I will not jump into anything without knowing the facts. I am constantly searching for the right answer and will not trust my instincts without researching. The test accurately described my personality again. Thinking and feeling are the third traits tested. This section of the test refers to judgements and decision making. Thinking types are more objective and have impersonal analysis, showing little emotion in their decisions or opinions. They are more forward in telling the truth and saying it like it is. They may be blunt and unknowingly hurt others. Thinking types are more analytical and serious. Feeling types, however, use personal preferences and values when making decisions. They are more sympathetic and can respond to others more easily. They like harmony and try to please everyone. I scored thirteen points in feeling and eight in thinking. Once again, I felt the test accurately described my personality. I am always trying to please others and often do out of my way to do so. I am not happy unless everyone else is happy. I will lie to someone’s face in order to make him or her feel better about him or her or be happy. I cannot say anything that I think will hurt someone else’s feelings. This is not always a good trait because I cannot be truthful. I always use my personal values to help in my decision making. The last set of traits tested involve the preference for ways of life- judging and perceptive. Judging types have planned and orderly ways of life. They plan their work and follow that schedule. They like to have things settled and finished and do not like to stop in the middle to begin a new project. They focus on one aspect and are not satisfied until completed. Perceptive types adapt well to new situations and are very flexible. They allow time for alternations and may have difficulty making decisions. They tend to procrastinate and welcome new jobs, opportunities, or people. Although I would like to consider