Personal Health Risk


According to the Personal Health Risk questionaire I should

be in realitively good health, at least in the areas examined. Cardio-

vascular disease and cancer do not seem to be prevalent in my family

tree. They appear to occur only very late in life, about the age of 80,

if at all. Diabetes appears to be my families largest problem. My grand-

father, aunt, parents, and two siblings have shown the signs of diabetes

or developed diabetes. I smoke and drink only occationally. Maybe twice

a month or so. By drinking I would say only a couple of glasses of wine

with my dinner or at a club. I exercise three times a week, right before

class and play softball when I get a chance. My blood pressure and

cholestrol are in good shape for my age and weight. I am aware of the

fact that I need to loose several pounds to be in my proper weight range.

Even though college is supposed to be one of the most stressful periods in

life I feel I am relatively stress free. I don't tend to let things

bother me as much as I see others do.

Short Term Plan

1) Layoff junk foods (quick foods, chips, etc.)

2) Try to exercise more

3) Walk, run

4) Watch my behaviors in general (diet, stressors, etc.)

5) Watch my alcohol and tobacco intake

Long Term Plan

1) Keep a check on my sugar

2) Watch for signs of the above diseases as well as others

3) Loose several pounds over the next year

4) Inform others of their own health risk

5) Try and be aware of what affects my health and what I can do to

avoid or correct problems