Pen Pals: Based On X-Files Characters

Forward: This story was written based on the X-Files characters created by
Chris Carter and Ten Thirteen productions. In no way this story is being used
to infringe or defame these characters or the X-Files television series. The
story is based on my speculation of what happened to Agent Fox Mulder\'s sister
when she was a child. According to the writers of the X-Files, this story has
no affiliation to what really happened to Samantha Mulder when she was a child,
as no one really knows the whole story. As the series unfolds, we will
hopefully learn more about what happens. I have submitted my story to the
writers & producers of the X-Files via the Internet in hopes they will use my
story in a future episode. This story is also available over the Internet on my
home page so others can view it at their leisure.

The idea for this story has been in the back of my mind before I was assigned
this project. I have always loved the X-Files since it premiered and within the
past year, I have submitted my stories, ideas, and suggestions to the writers of
the X-Files. Unfortunately, none of my ideas have been selected. Lots of
activity regarding the X-Files goes on over the Internet, and through
discussions are where I get a lot of my ideas for the stories that I write.

=============================================== June 8th, 1996 6:58pm-
Washington, DC, Scully\'s Apartment

Dana Scully arrived home to find a package sitting in the hallway outside her
door. Curious, she picked it up and tucked it under her arm while she let
herself into the apartment. Once inside, she set the box wrapped in brown paper
down on her dining table and left it there while she hung up her coat and kicked
off her high heels. Mulder would be coming over later to discuss the case they
were currently working on, but until then, she wanted to relax.

She made herself a cup of hot coffee and carried both it and the package with
her over to the sofa. She noticed that her mother\'s return address was on the
label. I wonder what this could be? She didn\'t say she was going to be sending
me anything.

Dana set her tea down and ripped the paper open. Inside she found a rather old,
very familiar shoebox with an envelope taped to the top. She opened the envelope
and read the letter her mother had enclosed.

Dear Dana,

I found this when I was going through some boxes in the attic and almost threw
it away, but was afraid you would kill me if I disposed of it without consulting
you, considering how important some of this stuff was to you as a girl. So, I
decided to send it to you and let you dispose of it as you see fit. Here\'s
hoping that it will bring back pleasant memories for you.



Smiling at some of the memories the box did evoke, Dana reverently lifted the
lid. It was filled with smudged envelopes with the name "Danni" scribbled on
them in a child\'s handwriting.

Danni had been her nickname in elementary school, a name she had gotten through
a pen-pal program between her class and a third grade class somewhere in New
England. Dana had complained that her pen pal had a boy\'s name, and from the
moment said pen pal first heard about it, she had insisted on calling her Danni,
so they would be even.

The envelope on the top was the last one she had received. A sad smile crept
over her face as she remembered what had brought a stop to their

October 7th, 1971 11:30am - New Ridge Elementary School, Ithaca Naval Base

Danni was excited. It was pen pal day, and she was expecting a letter from
Sammie. These two girls had become closer than any of the other pen pals in the
two classes because they were so much alike. Sammie\'s dad worked for the
government, and Danni\'s was in the Navy. They both had older brothers, though
Danni also had another brother and a sister. And both of them LOVED reading
fairy tales and ghost stories, though neither of them believed in fairies or

Of course, there were differences between them too, but that just served as
fodder for conversation. Sammie\'s family didn\'t go to church, so she had been
eagerly awaiting Danni\'s account of her first Holy Communion, which she had just
sent to her in the last