Pearl Harbor

Movie Report


This movie starts out when they were kids, and they were messing around and accidentally started their father’s plane. The father got mad and hit his son. The other kid stood up for his friend, and hit the father with a piece of wood.

In the next scene Refe gets the opportunity to go to war if he wants to. Refe volunteered to go but told Danny that he was assigned to go. Danny gets mad because they are partners and he doesn’t want Refe to die. Refe almost fails his eye test, but he pleads the nurse to pass him anyway. Refe starts to like the nurse, and they hit it off. All of the soldiers go to a going away dance with all of the nurses. Refe tells Evelyn that he volunteered to go to protect Danny. After the dance Refe leaves the next day for the War.

The U.S. cut of ties to Japan and they will be out of oil within the next 18 months. They decide that the only solution is to strike the U.S. with a force that will make them give Japan their oil back.

Evelyn and her nurses head to Pearl Harbor along with Danny and his men. Evelyn and Refe write each other every week. Back in Britain the alarm sounds, and Refe has to go up and fight. They meet up with some Germans and Refe is shot down. Danny finds out the news that Refe is dead and has to go tell Evelyn about it. Danny and Evelyn begin to talk and Danny finds out that Refe volunteered to protect him.

Danny starts to have feelings for Evelyn and Evelyn feels the same way. They decide that it isn’t a big deal if they start to date, because Refe is dead.

The Japanese are planning their attack, and the U.S. officials have gotten hints that this might happen, but she doesn’t know if she still wants to be with him.

Danny and Refe get in a fight at the bar that night. The wardens come and everybody splits. Refe and Danny flee in the same car, and have a talk. They are both drunk, and in the morning they wake up in their car to the sound of Japanese planes flying overhead. They rush back to Pearl Harbor to help fight. The Japanese were dropping submarine missiles into the water, and those made the worst explosions on the ships. They continued to pound Pearl Harbor, and when they were done, they decided to attack a small airbase nearby.

Evelyn and the nurses rush to the hospital to await the rush of soldiers. They came in a big wave, and there wasn’t enough supplies for everyone.

Refe, Danny, and the other soldiers go to the other base and shoot at the Japanese. Refe and Danny get in the planes and shoot down seven of the Japanese planes, and land safely. At the hospital Evelyn has the job of deciding which patience will live and die, the next patient she sees is one of her nurse friends, and is already dead.

Refe and Danny get reported to another mission and they both have to go. Evelyn tells Refe that she is pregnant with Danny’s kid, but she doesn’t want to tell Danny, so that it won’t affect his next mission.

They both were rewarded a silver star, and promoted to captain. They were told that this next mission was that they were to drop bombs over Japan. When the time came, the men took off, and bombed Japan. They got in a shooting war with the Japanese soldiers, and Danny got shot and killed. After he dies, the Chinese rescue the survivors and they go back home.

In conclusion, Refe and Evelyn bury Danny. It seems that Refe and Evelyn get married, and raise the son of Danny’s.