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Narrative/Descriptive Essay

It all started 20 years ago. I saw my first Indy car race. I could not understand the words of the analysts, but all I saw was speed, speed, and more speed. My mouth stood wide open as I stared with an amazed look on my face in front of the television. “That’s my car.” I screamed. “When I grow up, I will get me one of those cars.” I confidently stated. As I watched on, I carefully paid attention to what type of cars that passed by on the television screen. As the analyst describes Indy car racing, I look on with a confused expression. Everything he mentioned about the Indy car racing impressed me. I struggled to understand Indy car racing until my older brother explained everything to me. After I learn more about Indy car racing, I began to dream of racing in my sleep. Since I observed my first Indy car race, I developed a strong passion for the sport.

Seeing a race live just takes your breath away. I always desired to see a race in person, but I never had enough money to buy a ticket. The tickets for each race must be purchased months in advance. The ticket prices to each race are reasonable, even though, I needed help from my parents and save 8 months of my allowances to purchase a ticket to my first race. My best friend and I both decided to go together. I was so excited. I told everyone who I could see. I even told my neighbors’ dog.

I wanted my first race to be special. I gathered up all of my paraphernalia. I had hats, a jacket, posters, and autograph T-Shirts. I purchased them from a merchandise store which had a famous race driver signing autographs. Our neighborhood retail store hosts an autograph signing in the store’s lobby and hands out free posters during the once a year Indy car race. The race has been in our city for years. My father use to tell me stories about him and his friends when they were children. My father and his friends use to sneak into the race without getting caught. I know my father will object to me sneaking into a race, even though, he and his friends use to do the same thing. I will not sneak into a race because I fear that I will get caught, and my father will punish me.

As I grew older, I began to learn more about Indy car racing. I would read every book, magazine, or any material I could find on Indy car racing. One day, I stumbled across a pamphlet which contained a Sprite contest. Sprite, one of the sponsors for Indy car racing, held a contest which consisted of who could drink the most Sprite soft drinks within the span of five minutes. Although, Sprite was not my favorite soft drink, I entered the contest because the winner of the contest will win a chance to ride in the pace car, the car that sets the pace at the beginning of the race and during an accident, around the track. Although I struggled during the first minute, I blew away the competition during the next four minutes. I was shocked. I never thought I could drink that much Sprite in five minutes. One of my dream was about to come true.

Riding in the pace car was the best moments in my life. I enjoyed every minute of it. I had a chance to meet all of the drivers. They all congratulated me on the victor during the Sprite contest. I told them that I want to become a race car driver some day, and they all gave me their support and some pointers on how to become a driver. All at once, all of my dreams were coming true.

Indy car racing is loved by millions of people. I have been in love with it since I first laid eyes on it. The cars racing around the track simply mesmerizes me. When I was a young boy I could only dream about driving an Indy car. For years I