Part 2- Auction, Escape, and Plantation

Dear Diary,

After we were off that horrible ship I was put in a closed area like a prison cell. While I was in there I was wondering what would happen do, but then all of a sudden a white man grabbed Phanta and shoved her onto a stage. Then all many people came and inspected her saying, “this witch is in her perfect years,” and, “she would make a great field ham.” All the white people stepped off the stage. One white man left on the stage called the auctioneer started talking really fast and started saying things like, “who wants to buy this witch in her perfect years?” He started saying lots of prices and the white men raised their hands. The last man to raise his hand got Phanta. The same thing happened to me, except I was called a buck, and I was sold to a different man named John Reynolds.

Reynolds gave me the white name Toby, but I refused to respond to it. A slave named Fiddler taught me to understand English and work in the fields well. Since I wasn’t a “good nigger,” I had to sleep in the shack chained to a post, ‘till I became a “good nigger.” When I became one, I could sleep with the other slaves.

I would always eat grits, would drink water, and would sometimes eat pork. One night while I was sleeping I heard a chirping noise. I looked down at the ground and there was a little bug. I told the bug to go to my village and tell everyone that I have been taken across a huge river, that I am alive; that I am taken as a slave, and that I will escape. I also told the bug to tell every one that all of the other slaves have forgotten Allah but I won’t.

After many months, I was finally able to work in the fields. While I was working in the fields, I found an axe head. Over many nights, I worked on cutting off my chains with the axe head. One night, I saw a young girl have to stay with Mr. Ames, the slave watcher, over night. That made me very mad, so I worked harder than ever on cutting my chains, and I cut my chains. But just when I did Fiddler walked in. He was happy until he saw what I did. He became mad because he was supposed to teach me to be good, and if he didn’t, he would lose all of his privileges. Fiddler hit me and said, “now you have to run.” I ran as far and as fast as I could, ‘till my legs couldn’t carry myself any farther. I slept in a hollow log.

When I woke up, white watery flakes were covering the ground. I thought, “this must be the snow I have been hearing about.” But then I heard barking and yelling. I knew that must be a bounty hunter and Mr. Ames, so I ran, but not fast enough. So I got caught. I was dragged back to the plantation, and tied up on a pole. I was whipped for running away, and because I would not say my white name. I almost died because I never said my white name. I finally uttered, “Toby,” and they cut me from the pole and left me there. Fiddler gave me water and took care of me so that I would see another day.

That’s all for now,