Paintball Speech

The heartbeat quickens, sweat drips off your fingertips as you reach for the trigger on the gun. Your muscles tense up as the body prepares for danger. Crawling through the dense foliage, you hear gunshots breakout nearby. You pray not to be caught in the crossfire.

This is not a battlefield in any foreign country, but is a battlefield in your backyard, or at least could be. No deaths are going to be in this battle, at the most welts and bruises. There are no bullets or napalm showers, because this battle uses paint.

In 1971, Daisy produced the first paintball marker available on the market. These markers were used to mark livestock and posts. The first of idea of paintball as a sport is when two boys on a dairy farm in the early 70’s started shooting at each other with the markers. Yet, it wouldn’t be until 1981 that the first game was played by a group of friends in a forest in New Hampshire.

The sport of paintball is the fastest growing participation action sport in the world and has just moved ahead of snowboarding as the third largest in the extreme sport genre.

Bob Gurnsey, one of the 12 friends of the first game, saw the potential for the game, and went directly to Nelson, the manufacturer of the paintballs. He worked out a deal to buy directly from the company. Thus, from this, he marketed paintball under “National Survival Game,” or NSG, in 1982. In the same year, Pursuit Marketing Inc., or PMI, entered the market and has become one of the largest distributors in the world since.

From 1984-1991 paintball spread to England and Australia. From England the sport spread over to mainland Europe. Since then it has spread world wide.

In 1991, the First International Amateur Open took place. The event was sponsored by California Magnum Paintballs. Over 500 players on over 100, five manned teams, competed for the cash prize of 250,000 dollars. Bad Company took home the trophy.

After years of playing the Lively tournament circuit, the players had a “players only” meeting to discuss starting a player run league.