OzymandiasELA 11 20.1Assignment


“ Life’s but a walking shadow,”(V.v.24-28) because, metaphorically, that is what exactly what it is. Life is very scary because when you think about it we, as humans, have no clue of what it is about or what we are actually doing here. Since the beginning of time the “meaning of life” has stunned us completely because we have yet to figure it out and humans wander aimlessly in all direction to trying to find it. Humans are concentrated on building huge monuments, curing diseases, in hope that each discovery we might find the answer but, like always, we don’t.

For example Ozymandias built a great empire, but now “nothing beside remains.”(Pg. 184. 12) This again shows that people may do great things but be forgotten in the sand right after. This will be the same with Martian Luther King Jr. or Adolf Hitler, for both did things that made people think about what has become of humans. King Jr. said that people should not be judge because of their skin and Hitler showed us what ambition for power can do. Though both of them will be forgotten, because it is all a matter of time before something else that is more significant to occur. Today that is how life is you are put on the planet to do, basically, nothing because eventually others will forget you. For this was the same with Macbeth.

Macbeth was King but when he is not, then who is he? Nobody. Macbeth knows that if you are not somebody you are nobody. At most he will be remembered as an evil tyrant for the crimes that he committed but eventually he will be forgotten, just like everyone else will because someone else will end up doing something terrible and the cycle will go on.

It doesn’t matter what we do in our life because it’s only a matter of time before we are completely forgotten. For it has happened in the past and, most likely, will happen in the future. There nothing we can do about it because right now we are only shadows, we have to find out who we really are and whom we are imitating.