Outdoors Or TV?

Todd Turner

I think that if kids spent their time outside rather than watching TV there
would be less kids in gangs and less kids causing crimes. I\'ve noticed lately
that alot of kids are in gangs and have been burglarizing houses and stores.
One reason why I think kids are becoming more violent and committing crimes is
because, they sit in front of the stupid TV all day long. They don\'t spend
enough time outdoors, hunting, fishing, surfing, and doing all those fun
exciting things.

The outdoors offers so much to do and takes your mind off reality and
into the fun world. When you are outdoors you are free as a bird and there
aren\'t too many rules. The one rule I go by is; “have fun.” When you\'re
outdoors you don\'t have to think about being robbed or hurt by crazy people
because, they stay in the city.

If you are outdoors you can\'t watch TV. That means that there would be
fewer kids wanting to join gangs and probably less violence. That would stop
allot of killing and stealing in this world if every body went outdoors instead
of watching TV.

Just think, what if kids spent their time outside rather than watching
TV and learning how to steal and kill. Maybe our world would become a safer
place. Instead of watching TV, I spend my time outside. It is allot more fun
then learning how to fight and kill each other.

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