Our Prison System Sucks

Good afternoon ****** and fellow class mates. To many of you, the word
prison might frighten you. To some, you welcome the idea of prison. To others,
well, you just don\'t care. Well I am for the idea of prison, but I don\'t
support the way our prisons in north america are being run. These people
deserved to be punished! I don\'t want them to waste our money, get "paid" for
television interviews, book rights and all the other goodies that come from
doing a crime. And then slapped on the hand saying: "You be a good boy/girl
now" and sent them off to a place we call prison, but in reality, some of the
prisoners, find prison to be just like a strict camp. I have personally talked
to some people who had gotten out of prison a few weeks prior to our talk, and
they where telling me how they learned how to make certain crafts, learn how to
sow, and many other things. To me, that sounds awfully like a camp I was made to
go to when I was young. Some people in prison even have television, others
treat it like a hotel. This disgusts me! This doesn\'t sound at all like a
prison. A prison is a place where people are supposed to be punished. Not
treated like guests. There is a fin line between being punished and being over
punished however. I\'m not saying that each person should be beaten daily, or
made to stay in a cell by themselves with no one to talk to for an eternity.
The person should be punished according to the crime. "An eye for an eye."
This brings me to the subject of capital punishment. I\'m sure some of you are
disgusted by the word, but I am not. I am disgusted with the fact that it is
not here in Canada. I believe that for major crimes, such as that of Paul
Bernardo certainly deserve the death penalty. If someone can go out and kill
dozens of children, or adults. They surely have the guts to go though with the
end of their lives. The amount of grief a family has to suffer when a loved one
is lost is tremendous, and to have to go through life worrying weather or not
you safe because your afraid the killer will get out of jail with good behavior.
Sure, there are some people who cannot get out, but there is sill the fear they
could escape. I am sure even though the family does not normally believe in
capital punishment, will feel relieved when the killer is dead. I know I would.
I\'m sure you all probably think I\'m a monster by now, but think about it. What
would you do if you where robbed? You\'d want revenge, right? What if (god
forbid) someone you loved got killed, what if you where to be rapped? What would
you do??

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