Our Most Gracious, loving heavenly Father, the Creator of all things, we thank you for this very wonderful day that we have come to this moment… the beginning of a new school year. We also thank You for all of the blessings You have bestowed us, the blessing of a good life, good health and peace of mind.
And as we move on to a new chapter of our student life, allow us to become Your agents of spreading Your kindness and love. Use us in your marvelous work as channels of blessings that people may see Your loving image in our lives. Almighty Father, we commit everything to you, our mind, body, and spirit. We pray that Your holy presence will abide in us in everything we think, say, and do, for we cannot do anything without you Father.
Heavenly Father we ask for your blessings of protection, Your knowledge, understanding and wisdom that everything we will do will be according to your divine will. Father we also pray for blessings for our loved ones, our family, our teachers, the school administrators, and the entire JMC community as well.
We give back all the glory, praises and honor to Your most Holy name through Your Son Jesus Christ our Lord, amen.

Ecclesiastes 3:1-10