Oscar Romero

Oscar Romero was at first a quiet,
ordinary priest in the democratic country
of El Salvador. But things change once
newly appointed Arch-Bishop. Romero
quickly finds out the way the country is
run by the military. The poor people of
Salvador are missing and being
executed by the military. Romero tries to
stop these events through the power of
the Church.

Raul Julia plays Oscar Romero the soft
spoken priest turned Arch-Bishop. His
character goes through a
metamorphoses from beginning to end
that eventually gets him killed. The one
moment in time that really changes the
way he acts is the death of Father
Grande. Fr. Grande was a preacher to
the poor or anyone who wanted to listen
to the Word of the Lord. By the killing
and torturing of people Romero gets
very angry and says STOP! In one
scene while in prison listening to a
priest get tortured, he doesn’t
understand why one human being would
do this to another. We are all human and
why should their life be taken away if
they have done nothing.

The Church in this movie are people
very strong in their faith and stand up for
what they believe in. For example, When
the people of one city walk right into a
church that has been taken over by the
military. This shows their willingness to
die for God. Other acts show the people
of El Salvador courage and deep faith.

I thought that this was a very good movie. The
strong imagery and sadness that these events really
occur in El Salvador and other countries like it. The
words of Romero were inspiring, the way he
presented himself after every bad act by the military
he just turned the other cheek. The pictures were
probably the most disturbing thing in the movie.
People with half of their face gone, limbs in all
different positions, just hit me like Wow! How could
a person do this and then live with themselves. The
strength of Oscar Romero gave me chills down my
spine. His acts of generosity, kindness, bravery and
sacrifice he truly did live the way God wanted him.

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