“On the basis of the evidence before the Warren Commission, it concludes that Oswald acted alone”

Use all sources to say whether or not you agree with this view.

According to the Warren Commission “Oswald acted alone”. It says the shots which killed President Kennedy, were “fired from the sixth floor window” of the book depository building. If Oswald did shoot Kennedy out of the sixth floor window of this building, he would have had to shoot through an oak tree in full bloom- surely this would have had obscured his view. Also whenever the rifle that was on the sixth floor was found, the scope was defective. This suggests the impossibility of someone shooting from the sixth floor window on the depository building.

The assassination took place on 22nd November 1963. Enquiries into events like this usually and understandably take years. For example the 9/11 terrorist attack in New York City which took place on 11th September 2001. The investigation concluding how and why the World Trade Centres collapsed will not be completed until 2004, three years after the attack occurred. However the Warren Commission had completed all of its inquires and investigations in ten months. This is worrying as one cannot believe that a full blown investigation, testing every possible way in which could have resulted in Kennedy’s death, was carried out with all accuracy in such a small space of time.

Immediately after the assassination, rumours were circulating the globe about what supposedly happened that day. One would feel that we cannot believe everything in the Warren Commission, the government wanted to squash rumours of a conspiracy to cover up who was involved in the assassination as soon as possible. Was this the sole purpose of the Warren Commission?

Sources C and D make a mockery of the Warren Commission. Source C is a diagram of how the “Magic Bullet” would have made its way through Kennedy’s and Connally’s bodies. The “Magic Bullet” was the second bullet fired, which the Warren Commission claim killed Kennedy and injured Connally. Looking at this diagram, it looks absolutely ludicrous that a bullet could take this path, unless it was indeed “Magic.” Although one must remember that this diagram was produced only for the Hollywood Blockbuster, “JFK” and cannot be seen as scientific evidence.

Source D also ridicules the “Magic Bullet” theory”. It shows a picture of the bullet found on Connally’s stretcher in Parkland Hospital, Dallas. It compares this bullet to a similar bullet to similar bullet after it had been fired into the wrist of a corpse. The difference between these two bullets is extraordinary, although we don’t know what conditions the test was carried out under, for example, what the bullet hit when it exited the corpse’s wrist. There has been many rumours about this bullet being a plant, the reason behind this rumour is that it would be very unlikely for the bullet to just fall out of Connally’s body onto his stretcher without even a mark on it, although it has never been proven to be truth.

Source B backs up the Warren Commission to some extent, it agrees that Oswald fired the bullet that killed the President. The Senate Select Committee also thinks that: “President Kennedy was probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy.” The Senate Select Committee found a tape recording of a motorcycle police man’s radio transmission, which shows that four, not three shots were fired.

One would ask, if the Warren Commission gave a full and accurate account of the Kennedy assassination, what was the point of another report from the Senate Select Committee? The truth is, people were not content with the reliability of the Warren Commission and in some ways believed it was faulty, and the very existence of the report in source B proves this.

The film, “JFK” (source E) is Oliver Stones depiction of what could have happened surrounding President Kennedy’s assassination.

Stone is very strongly pro-Kennedy, and believes that there was definitely more than one person behind the assassination. He also believes the Government planned the assassination and the covered it up with a conspiracy.

One could not use this film as a piece of solid evidence as Stone did not solely want to get to the absolute truth behind the mystery of Kennedy’s