On Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump ,the hero of the American novel, FORREST GUMP written by Winston Groom, plays a role that affords food for thought . From the ordinary ponit of view , he is an idiot , an abnormal man. But , from another point of view ,maybe we are the ones not nomal.

For one thing,as far as a so-called career is concerned ,Gump seems intent not to amount too much. What he wants is to do well that which he is working on. He is careful to do things without any distractions. He does not set out to make money though he does became a billionaire afterwards. Money ,fame , and fortune are what we seek painstakingly. Though we often say “ born without it, dead without it”, it is still very hard for us to consider money less than all important. We know that everything will be nothing in the end. We are still perverse. Maybe human being are living a riddle. Only a few people can arrive at the answer of the riddle.

Gump gives us enlightment. His mother simple but profound education has a great influnce on him all his life. “ You are the same as any other person ,no different.” “ stupid is as stupid does,”…As a human being , he is completely natural. From the beginning to the end , he always cherishes that natural and beautiful heart. This makes him light-hearted . his heart is so pure without any attachment that he runs with a light heart faster than normal people. This is why we are different from him.

Another is different perspective how to balance love with career. Love is both abstract and specific. It is so abstract that no one can define it from ancient times to the present, and it is so specific that it is one of our daily necessities. We are human beings. We can not live without abstracts or without specifics. Love is a riddle. Each couple tries to solve it in their own way and can never get the answer . so what counts is the way itself. Gump’s way is simple and natural; love , to love with the heart ,from the beginning to the end. Our way is complex and abnormal;love, to love with a scheme, changing constantly. We are just like Gump’s girlfriend who says to Gump “ you do not know what love is” Gump loved her from when they were children. From the friendship of their childhood to the love of their adulthood, Gump is unswerving. But even when she has an incurable disease, Gump still loves her heart hurt terribly by the world. When she was a little girl, she prayed to God: Dear God,make me a bird, so I can fly far , far far away。。” Money , fame and fortune are weighing down her wings, so she cannot fly far away. In the end, she comes to know what she should seek is the pure and simple pursuit: Forrest Gump , who ,in any case, can share her happiness and sadness, a good husband. No matter whether you are woman or man, you want to have a partner like him to be in the same boat in rough water or smooth. Maybe , that is the most sincere seeking in life. For the sake of seeking money, fame and fortune, we have lost our innocence.

Gump is not only a hero in a novel, but also a universal person without boundaries. We do not have any reason to judge whether people are nomal simply by measuring them against a majority of people on a certain behavioral norm. We have to accept the facts.