Old Shopping or New Shopping

In the past, most people shopped by looking at catalogs and ordering from them and receiving them from the mail. But now people goto the malls where a large number of stores open up and sell their goods. Another method modern people use to shop is with the internet which is called online shopping. Shopping in the past and in the present is very different from each other. In the present shopping has improved much with the technology advancements. But shopping in the past and shopping in the present do have some things in common.

Shopping in the past is like reading a picture book and choosing what you want to buy from it and mailing it back. Then waiting several weeks for it to arrive from the mail. It was a long process to shop in the past. And mail in the past wasn’t that great, transportation wasn’t very good back then. Mailing things in the past took a long time with shipping of trains. There were no cars or planes for express mail like overnight mail or 2 day mail that we have today.

Now days people goto these high and large building call malls which include many different types of stores that sell goods. Malls aren’t that far to travel to these days with the invention of cars, public buses, and trains. People just go into the stores in malls and see what they want and buy what they want. Some people are more advanced and use the internet for online shopping. With online shopping, things are much easier that malls and in the past. All you need to do to shop online is turn on your computer and order the things you want and wait for it to be shipped to you. Online shopping can arrive in the mail as fast as 1 day.

In the past shopping took long to be mail, with malls today shopping is as simple as picking up something and paying. There is no wait time buying things in malls like mail order shopping in the past. Things are send through mail in the past, we just have to drive to the malls and shop. In malls people can see what they’re buying and touch what your might buy. In the past you could only see the picture of what you want to buy. Shopping online is a bit like mail order catalogs but more advanced and better. Online orders only need one day to be received but mail order catalogs in the past required several weeks to receive.

If I were to chose which shopping is better I would chose modern shopping. In the past mail order catalogs took to long to receive. Malls are much faster and easier to shop, they are also enjoyable to be at. Online shopping is like shopping in mail order catalogs from the past but online shopping is much faster.