Old Friends, New Pleasures

* * * * *

It had been awhile since the "gang" had all been together, the last time, probably being after graduation. They had seen each other on separate occasions, but now was an occasion to bring them all back together, and to bring some of them together in a way none of them ever imagined.

It was a group of eight, four guys, four girls, the closest friends from college, they roomed together, took classes together, and for all practical purposes, became adults together. It had been two years since their graduation took place, two long years since they had all seen each other at the same time, and now two weeks until the wedding of two of their own. Jen and Micah had been high school sweethearts, downright annoying at times to the others, but happy, and definitely in love. When all of them had heard eight months earlier that the nuptials were pending, excitement and anticipation were felt by all.

Cassie had been in New York for a year and a half, working for a publishing company she loved, but was excited about the upcoming wedding. For her it meant a week of vacation, time away from work, and time to spend with her best friends. Lynn had gone back to Seattle, continuing her education, and was working as an operations manager in her father\'s company. She was excited about the week of preparations ahead as well, she needed to get away from her family and have some fun. And that she would. The last would be Katie, she strayed the furthest from the group. An artist, she liked to move around and barely kept in contact, but was also ready to see her pals again. She was the only one with a significant other, and he, Keith, would join her the weekend of the wedding.

Ben, the jock of the group, went to school on a football scholarship, and although he was good, and the NFL looked to be in his future, a knee injury in his junior year proved to be serious enough to knock that dream right out of his head. He was excited about seeing the girls, it had been too long, and he wanted to see what he may have missed out on. Then there\'s the twins, Kyle and Kaleb; the spitting image of each other, they did everything together...lived together, worked together. They couldn\'t wait to get to Boston either.

All of the flights would land in Boston on or about the same time, which made it easy for pick-ups and hellos. They all hugged, reminisced and remembered the "good ol\' times". They were all staying in the same hotel, they had even reserved suites. That way they could at least share rooms with one another and spend time with all. The girls hurried off to have final fittings of their dresses, the men with their tux\'s, and they all caught up on the last two years. The men had a little bachelor party, and the girls threw Jen a bachelorette bash-eating, drinking, and all having a great time.

The night of the rehearsal dinner proved to be the beginning of wonderful things to come. Cassie and Lynn drank way to much and by the time they got back to the hotel, started discussing the guys in, for them, an unusual fashion. Katie had picked up Keith that afternoon from the airport, and decided to stay with him in their own room, so the girls had their suite all to themselves. They changed into their PJ\'s and began plotting the next night\'s events.

"The guys haven\'t changed a bit, if anything, they have gotten hotter." Lynn said, "I can\'t believe that neither of us ever went out with any of them, what were we thinking?"

"Well, I guess it just never came up, and at the time, it probably would have ruined our friendships, you know how immature they were in college. At least now, we know they are grown up, maybe they can handle something mature for a change." Cassie stated.

The girls sat and drank wine, watching the fire, and thinking about what they would like to do to each of their perspective male friends, Lynn said, "I know, why don\'t