Of Mice and Men

“ The journey in between what you once were and who you are now becoming is
where the dance of life really takes place”(unknown). Life is all about making
choices. One is born, as his or her own person, and it is up to her to decide
who she wants to be and become. In life, opportunities play their role. One can
choose what she wants to do with her life and how big of an impact their
decision can make. The choices and the paths one takes can change a person’s
life now and forever. In Of Mice and Men characters can change their identity,
but that does not mean they can change the basis of who they are. Decisions are
a big part of life; they will take you where one needs to go to succeed (not
succeed) in the real world. In John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, many
important lessons are learned that can and will take us through life. For
example, people cannot simply just run away from problems. Also, when people try’s
to set unrealistic goals, they don’t experience success. Lennie can never
change and he will always be the same guy who is unable to control his own
strength. People who try to change their destiny often fail because they can’t
change their identity. In general, people are born with certain personality
traits, which stay with them for their entire lives.

Changing one’s identity doesn’t change their personality. Moving away and
starting a new life can be an attempt to change one’s identity. Starting over
can be for the better, but people stay the same more often than not. In the very
beginning of the novel, George and Lennie are in a bar. In the bar Lennie sees a
little girl with a bright, red dress. Lennie’s attracted to the color, and he
has a tendency to touch what he see’s. He therefore approached the girl and
starting feeling her dress. She tried to leave but Lennie anxiously got a quick
grabbing of the dress. This frightened the girl, which therefore lead to her
screaming and yelling rape. While all of this was going on Lennie was so scared
and confused that he just kept a tight grab on the girls dress. Lennie being
that who he is did not know any better, “ Well, how the hell did she know you
jus’ wanted to feel her dress? She jerks back and you hold on like it was a
mouse. She yells and we got to hide in an irrigation ditch all day with guys
looking’ for us, and we must sneak out in the dark and get outta the country.”
pg24. The incident that occurred exemplifies Lennie’s behavior. Lennie is a
man of unlimited intelligence who seems unaware of its massive strength. After
all of this has happened, Lennie and George decide that the best thing would be
to change their identity and leave the town as soon as possible. As the novel
progresses Lennie’s change of identity does not change who he really is.
Towards the end of the book after Lennie had just killed a pup:

“ God damn you, “ he cried.” Why do you have to get killed? You aren’t
so little as mice.” He picked up the pup and hurled it from him. He turned his
back on it. He sat bent over his knees and he whispered; “ Now I won’t get
to tend the rabbits. Now he wont let me.” Pg88

Once again Lennie doesn’t comprehend the affect of his strength on lesser
beings. Lennie could never change. He will never understand his size and
strength in comparison with an average person or animal. It’s fatalistic, but
Lennie is who he is.

Another example of someone attempting to change her identity is Curley’s
wife. Curley’s wife feels she could have been someone else, someone different,
who would have been a better person then she is now. She thinks by marrying
someone she will not still be that same “tramp” that she is:

“ I tell you I ian’t used to living’ like this. I could made something’
of myself.” She said darkly, “Maybe I will yet, “ I lived right in
Salinas, “ she said. “ Come there when I was a kid. Well, a show came
through, and I met one of the actors. He says I could go with that show. But my
old’ lady wound’ let me “ I don’t like Curley. He isn’t a nice fella.
And because