Of Mice and men

Sow how the personalities of the principle characters have affected their
relationships and the power they have been able to exert in those relationships.

In society, the identity/personality of people often affects their
relationships and the power they have within those relationships. The issue of
power varies considerably in law and moral values, and the amount of power
obtained varies in accordance to the position of whom in the relationship it is
held by. It is then dependent on the personality of the person as whether the
power is exerted or not, and if so how it is done. Through the novels ‘Of Mice
and Men’ and ‘My Brother Jack’ parallels can be drawn between principle
characters in reference to their personalities and how this affects their
relationships and the power they have been able to exert in those relationships.
There are many similarities between the characters of both novels such as George
and Lennie with Jack and Davy, Curly and his wife with Jack Senior and Min, also
the relationship that Curly and Davy had with those in the workforce and the
power they exerted through that. From these examples you will discover the
affect of power one has through their personalities and the relationships they

In ‘Of Mice and Men’ the two main characters, George and Lennie, have a
very close relationship. George and Lennie were best friends and went everywhere
together, always looking after each other.

George was a character with leadership skills, he was the one who provided
for the two, and this was mainly due to the fact he was the brains out of the
pair. He was responsible, alert and very smart, and it was because of these
factors that made him a very cunning sort of person. In their friendship George
was the parental figure to Lennie as it is demonstrated in the following quote:

“ George undid his bundle and bought out three cans of beans. He stood them

about the fire, close in against the blaze, but not quite touching the flame”

(Page 11)

Here George cooks tea for Lennie, just like a parental figure. Through the
portrayal of a parental figure, George had power over Lennie. Lennie looked up
to George and as a result he would do what George told him. George used his
power over Lennie to control him, controlling what he said and did. This control
was used to George’s advantage as it was through his power over Lennie that
George was able to find work, with only a main concern for himself. Despite all
that George was, Lennie also had power in their relationship. Lennie can be
described as being dumb, irresponsible, of child innocence, hopeful, dependent
on George and physically very strong. His power in the relationship,
surprisingly, did not lie in his physical strength, it lay in his ability to
manipulate George through his characteristic of a child like innocence. Lennie’s
power was emotional power, and he used it to manipulate George into having pity
for him by way of guilt.

“Cause I can jus’ as well go away, George, an’ live

in a cave” (page 17)

As Lennie was dumb, his physical power was not used properly to his best
advantage. Lennie only used his physical power to protect George and himself,
and it was even at these times that he used it on command from George.

The relationship George and Lennie had was very similar to that of Jack and
Davy. Though George and Lennie were not brothers like Jack and Davy, they had a
brotherly relationship between them. In “ My Brother Jack” Jack and Davy
shared a brotherly relationship. It wasn’t one that was not overly close but
it was one where the younger brother looked up to the older one, when they were
young. Though as time went on and they grew into adults with their own families
the position each of them held swapped, having the older brother looking up to
the younger one as situations changed. Jack was a very loud person, who was very
confident in himself for the first half of the book. He was straight forward-
never beating around the bush, humorous, bold/brave, strong willed, very loyal
and open. From these traits Jack became a very popular boy in his childhood,
something Davy was not, making him want to be even more like his older brother.
This strong influence was very powerful in the relationship between the two
brothers, so powerful that Davy wanted to prove he could be just as good- if not