Ocean Pollution in the Third World

In this introduction, I will try and accomplish this project about the
Oceans on the earth which affect the Third World countries and countries all
around the world. This topic was very interesting because there were lots of
information and overall learning about this problem and the problem is getting
better everyday. This topic is about the pollution in the oceans on this earth
and what is the effect on the Third World countries and on the rest of the
countries in the world This project was very challenging because there were lots
of resources but I didn't know what to include into this project. Also some of
these resources were very vague and some not applicable.
The question or problem I will try to give answers, solutions or
opinions to is "The contrast between what are we doing to our oceans here in
First World countries and in Third World countries." and also "Why?" we are
doing this and to try and get a solution for this problem. This is probably one
of the biggest questions for this topic because people keep on dumping waste in
the water and this is probably the biggest threat to our oceans because of
people throw stuff in our oceans. This question was also good to ask for this
topic because this question has a lot of answers and solutions for it like what
can people in the First World do to help the Third World people out. The books
and my resources found many ways to finish off this problem. I also found some
insight to this problem. The resource which helped me a lot was the internet
because it had the most up to date news or studies about this problem even newer
than stuff in any kind of book.. From all the research, I think this problem
can be finished off before our grandchildren are born.

Category: Social Issues