Northern States Power

A leader in today\'s economic world, Northern States
Power (NSP) is recognized for its outstanding performance
in both regulated and nonregulated operations. Its regulated
operation serves over two million electric and gas
customers in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South
Dakota, Arizona, and Michigan (NSP - Investor\'s
Overview 1). Its head offices are located in Minneapolis,
Minnesota, and the Chairman, President and Chief
Executive Officer (CEO) is Mr. James J. Howard III
(Howard 1). Its Viking Gas Transmission Company
Subsidiary owns and operates a 500-mile natural gas
pipeline (NSP - Investor\'s Overview 1). Northern States
Power is one of the nation\'s leading energy companies with
competitive rates, responsive service, and dependable and
reliable energy. A relationship with NSP began\'s when they
sign up for services with them; moreover, when you choose
to live in a certain area. Some of the facts about NSP are
services/people, profit, rates, and sources of power,
standings, first aid/safety, Y2K, merger, and about how
they help within the community. In North Dakota, NSP
provides service to more than 80,000 electric customers
and 30,000 gas customers in Fargo, Grand Forks, Minot,
and many surrounding communities (NSP - Northern
Dakota 1). They have served in these communities for over
80 years (Northern States Power Energy Wise 2). "By
powering the world, NSP brings energy to (Howard 6):" ?
The international markets where we do business ? The
communities close to home where we contribute time and
money ? To customers, who have ever-increasing energy
needs and choices ? To employees, who make the energy
work ? And finally, to you—the shareholders—who have
placed trust in them The 24th straight year in a row to mark
growth for NSP was 1998. Northern States Power\'s
common stocks are traded on three different exchanges:
New York Stock, Chicago Stock, and Pacific Stock. Its
ticker tape symbol is NSP. Newspaper stock tables list
NSP Company as NoStPw, NoStPwr, or NSPw (NSP -
Investor\'s Overview\'s 2). Northern States Power and its
subsidiaries reported earning of $52.3 million or 34 cents a
share, for the first quarter of 1999. Operating revenue for
the quarter was up 6 percent to $743.2 million. Warmer
weather, increased maintenance, and Y2K computer work
is the cause of the decreased earning (NSP First-quarter).
"Advantages to being a registered shareholder are (NSP -
Investor\'s overview 2):" ? Dividend checks are sent directly
to you, deposited in the back account you designate, or
maybe reinvested in the company as you choose ? You
may purchase additional stock (through dividend
reinvestment and optional investment plans) with little or no
fees ? You may deposit your share certificates with the
company for safekeeping if you sign up for the Dividend
Reinvestment Program ? Shareholder company mailings
will be sent directly to your address "Electricity is an
extremely price-volatile commodity. The price of on-peak
electricity on 15 April 1998 ranged from $20 per
megawatt-hour to $38 per megawatt-hour. Competitive
prices serve us well today. But becomes an even greater
advantage in a competitive market (Howard 3)." In trying
to compare different electrical Service Companies, I talked
with my Uncle, Edward Schiele, from Karlsruhe, North
Dakota. I asked him what his monthly electric bill averages
and he said it is between $100 to $115 a month during the
winter months. Verendrye Electric Cooperative out of
Velva, North Dakota, services Karlsruhe with its electrical
needs. Karlsruhe is a rural community of around 150-200
people (Schiele, Edward). Our families electrical service
needs are serviced by NSP. My Mother, Virginia Schiele,
said our last electrical bill was only $41.49. That is a big
difference from my uncle\'s bill. Additionally, my mother told
me that when we lived in Holiday Village Trailer Court we
were serviced by Verendrye Electric and the bill averaged
around $80 a month in the winter (Schiele, Virginia).
Across North Dakota they\'re many different electrical
companies. Electricity from other utility companies can cost
up to 63 percent more than from Northern States Power.
In checking nine different companies, they ranged from
$72.50 a month with Cass County Electric to Northern
States Power at $49.68. Northern States Power has the
lowest electric rates for Northern Dakota customers. If
you\'re looking for the best value, it definitely is Northern
States Power (Northern States Power Energy Wise 2).
There is always a challenge on energy pricing. In recent
years, many businesses have explored co-generation. That
is harnessing energy from the excess heat produced in
manufacturing (Brauer 2). Northern States Power is
investing in renewable sources of power. It is studying the
use of solar, wind, and biomass energy sources and how
they fit into our energizes future needs (Northern States
Power Company – Home 2). During the 7th Century, the
ancient Persians were believed to have built the first