It was the day I dreamt of, the sun rose in its glory beyond grisly clouds as though the nightly time was over, and sky was spreading out its whole dark blues through air bores.

Pensive and silent, I was walking down a hillside. I smelt fragrance of flowers when taking every step down at the hill. I felt soft feeble wind against my cheeks and that made me feel refreshed. I heard birds chirping over trees which had already been soaked under the rain. I took a look at the polished clouds that painted with orange sunlight. “What a beautiful morning” said myself. The scene overlooked my exhausting night that I was at hillside, thinking until morning. Racking my brains about suicide with no reason…

It started with one thing that happened three days ago. I found myself working vigorously in the office, perusing urgent documents. It took a few hours, bothering me stiff every second. I left my office about 2 pm with exhausting eyes and a mind run-down. I was unconscious.

It was windy outside; a cold breeze gently blew against my face. I headed to my pretty house as if all things confusing me were over. My darling, my wife, lovely person with blond hair, khaki eyes was eagerly waiting for my coming as usual.

The sands of time passed… When I passed through the gate, I felt something dreadful. I got in the shelter in silence. The lamps were switched off. Moon light illuminated inside through the window while the wind was ruffling curtains. I called out to my darling with a tender voice. There was no response. That preyed on my mind. I stepped stairs quietly to the bedroom. I thought that perhaps she was sleeping there.

It was quite darker than downstairs. I could feel the wind gently blowing inside the home. I willingly switched on the lamp and moved to the bedroom where was furnished with orange and pictures were on the wall. I opened the door of bedroom. I faced a distressing scene that would change my life in so many ways. My darling was hanged in white clothes.

I dedicated my life to her. She was a kind of inspiration that kept me alive. I do not know why she left with no reason behind her ill-fated body. According to nothing I make myself relieved. That makes me pissed off. Why she did such an awful thing. Why?

It was getting hot. The clouds almost vanished. I came to where was covered by a meadow; water was gently splashing; wind was puffing in silence.

Those made me feel scantly relieved.