Nirvana was a band until one of the band members died. He killed himself
because he was on to much drugs. His name was Kurt Cobain. He was born on
February 20, 1967. He met two other people and they became a band. Their names
are Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl. They were very successful in music. They
played alternative music.
Their first album was Bleach. It was releases on June 1989. It was a
big hit. From the success of the album the went on tour in England. Then the
released another album called Nevermind. It was released in 1991. The album
just went platinum. For the album they went on tour to Europe.
Nevermind album hits the number 1 charts for the second time. Then one
day Kurt Cobain meets a girl in another band called Hole. Her name is Courtney
Love. The ended up getting married in Hawaii in February 24, 1992. Then in
August 18, 1992 they have a kid and name it Frances Bean Cobain.
There next album Incesticide is released in December 15, 1992. The
album goes platinum just like the other ones. So they started to record their
next album In Utero. Then it was released in Sept. 21, 1993.
One day Kurt Cobain went to the store with his friend. He ended up
buying a gun. The leave the store and his friend went home. Kurt Cobain went
back to his place. He then shot himself and died April 5, 1994. He wasn˙t found
until April 8, 1994. When they found him he left a suicide note. It said stuff
in it like the band started to suck. And that their was already a rumor going
around that the band was going to break up. He was always bummed out about
everything and he didn˙t think anything was fun.

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