Ninties Love Story

A Nineties Love Story

Once there were two people named Marsha and Leroy. They were madly in love
with each other and there personalities were exactly alike. Marsha and Leroy were
absolutely perfect for each other except for two characteristics about each of them.
Marsha had a rather wealthy family and there neighborhood was on the East Side of
Atlanta. Leroy had no money at all and he lived in the projects on the West Side of
Atlanta. The problem wasn\'t that Marsha didn\'t want to go out with someone who wasn\'t
as financially stable as she was, or that Leroy was ashamed of where he lived. It was that
a few years before they knew each other they both got in gangs, Leroy got in a gang from
the west side and Marsha got in gang on the east side. These gangs where rival and if
anyone of there gang friends found out about there friendship both of them would be shot.

Neither Marsha or Leroy would ever sleep at night because they would spend
their nights deriving up plans so that they could either get out of there gang without being
killed or a way that they could see each other without being caught by either one of their
gangs. They never got to see each other because Leroy didn\'t have a phone and neither
one of them had cars.

Finally Leroy had to see and be with Marsha so he snuck out of his apartment stole
a car and drove it to the neighborhood where Marsha lived. He stood up by her room and
threw rocks up at her bedroom window until she looked out and said "boy how you
trippin down there trying to through rocks up at this window know in I is fast sleep" then
she wiped the sleep from her eyes and saw that the person throwing rocks at her window
was Leroy. When she noticed that the person she was yelling at was Leroy she yelled with
excitement "hey, what are you doing here, I\'ll be down in a second." She ran down the
stairs and right as she came through the front door she got shot right in the head with a
9mm by one of the Leroy\'s fellow gangsters. He didn\'t know that they had followed him
to Marsha\'s house.

Leroy was filled with both anger and sadness at the same time because the only
reason he had for living was gone because Marsha was dead. So the next morning he got
up took one of his guns from under his bed and went around where all of the other gang
members where, and as each of them would wank up he would shoot them in the head just
like they did to Marsha. Soon after he was done with his killing spree he used the last
bullet on himself. He kneeled down on the ground put the gun in his mouth and killed
himself "Curt Cobain Style".

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