Newspapers probably more than any other forms of media are guilty of stirring up racisim in Ireland. Whether these controversial articles are written through ignorance or just to sell a newspaper is debatable. There are many examples of both forms of writing in newspapers. It is not only the tabloids who carry ridicilious headings criticising and victimizing immigrants and refugees,the broadsheet so called ”respectable” newspapers are also guilty of this. The irish independent seems to be made up of some decent journalists and some totally irresponsible ones. On august the ninth a journalist wrote in the Sunday independent “as long as irresponsible journalists continue to call a tricle a flood they encourage racism” in the very same newspaper on that day a headline screamed out on page six and seven “promised land draws human flood”. This shows a starck contrast between sensible journalists and greedy journalists just trying to catch peoples attention.The evening hearld which is owned by the irish independent showed that they can be equally hypocriticall as their partner in crime tha irish Independent,on august the fourth a headline was pasted across the front of the hearld “crack down on illegal refugees” as if they had enforced this. But then strangely enough on august the sixth they printed a headline which seemed as though the hearld had been struck down with compassiom but yet wreaked of another shock headline “attacked for daring to care”about a man being attacked for trying to raise money for Romainian babys,the evening hearld are certainly in no danger there.Even the noble Irish Times has been noted to stick a prejudice over the top headline in it”s paper “Wexford braced for new influx of refugees”as if thesepeople are going to wreak havoc on wexford[[email protected]]

Mary Ellen Synon commented in the Sunday Independent:"The State has the obligation to secure its borders and to decide who will enter; and to decide on the grounds of what is best for Ireland, and not on the grounds of what is best for the immigrants.Unfortunatley for her this is not the view of the united nations of which we are part of.[[email protected]]Not all newspapers are guilty of spreading what is increasingly becoming immigrant hatred.The Irish examiner had an article which detailed how six hundred gardai were assigned to swoop on illegal immigrants one hundred and forty in total. It went on to criticise this huge allocation of resources on the arrest of these people who are the least of our worries compared to drug dealers and murders.[irish examiner Saturday October 26th 2001]The examiner concentrate more givings the facts rather than trying to shock us. They gave good coverage of the meeting of e.u ministers, who met to discuss how to help refugees. It gave a very good insight into the plight of immigrants ,it stated over five hundred thousand women are sent to other countries and forced into prostitution.The newspapers and journalists vary greatly in how they approach the issue of immigrants some are down right insulting and others geniuinely care. Who can say how many journalists and newspapers who pushed there opinions 0n other people have led to racist assaults. Most people believe what they read and so irresponsible journalists who voice their own racist opinions are playing a very dangerous game.

Another form of media which has also ran many stories on immigrants and is probably more influential than newspapers is television. RTE have taken the right approach to media coverage of immigrants allowing the immigrants themselves to tell their stories. Although it is very distressing for the people in question, telling their horror stories so to speak it is also very beneficial because it allows people to hear what these people have to say not what journalists have to say about allows people to see that they are just human beings like everybody else.

French media began verbal assaults on immigrants years before Ireland and France is now seen as one of the most racist nations in Europe.The Irish media did”nt have much to say about immigrants in 1990 because only6 thirty arrived here but in 2000 up ten thousand had applied for asylum.The media is a hugely influential forum and unless everybody follows the lead of a handful of journalists and RTE then people will