News flash: High school student by day, kickball superstar by night

Bridget Mahoney is a 15-year-old teenager that attends Mc Neil High School in Austin, TX. She was born on December 28th, 1988. She has 4 dogs, 3 cats and 2 birds. She lives with her mother and father and two sisters. Her favorite sport is kickball and she plays for a team called the Screamin’ Sea Men. When she is not on the field or playing with her animals she enjoys knitting and crocheting. When asked about her hobbies Bridget replied, “there is no other rush like knitting.” Now that you have learned about her present day life let’s take a dive into her past and find out how this find young lady has grown up.

When Bridget was just 4 years old her parents decided it to build their first house in the quiet mountain town of Aurora, CO. While her father would work on the house her and her sisters would sleep in sleeping bags and watch their father work. “There wasn’t much to do so we would just sit around and play tic-tac-toe on the drywall, or go catch frogs.” After their home was completed, they had a massive dinner party to celebrate. Bridget’s mother made her favorite foods, mashed tators and macaroni. Three years later for no apparent reason at all her parentals decided to build a house directly across the street. The girls were not to overly thrilled about the whole idea, but in the end they gave in. “We sold our house to this crazy preacher guy that would always have big fires and church services in his front yard, we knew someday that he would burn down the house.” Sure enough not even two years after living there, the mans house caught on fire and burned to the ground. They lived in that house for 4 years until one day her father decided it would be nice to move to Austin, TX because it was a rapidly growing city and would be a good investment for real estate. When they first moved to Austin they moved to a neighbor hood called Chandler Creek. Shortly after they built a house in a new subdivision called Davis Springs. That is where her and her family currently reside. In addition to kickball Bridget is now playing for the Mc Neil Maverick softball team but here true passion will always be for kickball. She says, “Hopefully someday I can go pro and play for my favorite kickball team, the Wake Field Woodies.”

There you have it folks, Bridget Mahoney is not your average teenage drama queen, in fact she states, “ I would rather roll around in the mud than wear a pink tutu and do ballet.”