Networking Reflection Assignment
Networking is essential to every people and organization s . I was excited to get a chance to meet different people that I may not approach otherwise. Since I am a third year student, I really concerned about the strategies of finding the first job . And I also intended to obtain some tips for studying high level courses. So, my major goal for the event is talking to at least 3 delegates who study the same major with me , listening to their experience in order to get an idea of how to plan ahead for my future career. In addition, I would like to make some possible new con tacts with delegates I interested.
Prior to the event, I downloaded the list of the delegates that would attend the event from the website. After reading through the list, I found it is pretty helpful to use the column on the right side named "What would you like students to ask you about?" I highlighted the keywords that interested me the most and start ed to search more information about each of the specific delegate by using LinkedIn. I finally selected Meli ssa Wu, Alison Chan and Cammy Wang as three delegates that I want to approach during the event. These delegates all major in accounting, all of them currently working for the famous accounting firms include KPMG and PWC which motivate me to know more of their story. What's more, their experience of going through CPA recruit also arouse my curiosity.
Conversation Summary
The CPA hall got more crowded than I expected after starting of the event . I t made me feel challenging to find the three delegates I plan to chat . And I had to differentiate those delegates from my classmates b y identifying the printed name tags they wear.
Alison Chan
Alison was the first delegates I talked with during the networking. As the information I gathered pre event, she worked as a staff accountant for KPMG during the summer intern. So she was familiar with different stage s and requirement s for CPA recruit ment. She emphasized that employers are searching for more soft skills among candidate s , and suggested us to contribute to more extracurricular activities in order to stand out from other competitors . I was surprised b ecause she shows not only a high academic achievement but also participate in various social activities beyond academic performance.
Cameron Kroeker
I was attracted when I heard Cameron Kroeker was talking about how he benefits from the exchange program. H e went to Sciences Po in Paris for a one- semester exchange in 2014. As he said, learning in a different country made him felt like a wonderful vacation within 4 years' of university study . During the exchange, he was able to experience a new culture, meet interesting people, speak different language. What's more, he found that the essay-based examination system used in Science Po was completely different from UBC and he believed his flexibility and adaptability were proved through this unique experience.
Melissa Wu
Meliss a Wu was the most impressive one I met during the event. As a Tax associate in Pwc, s he was able to answer lots of my questions regarding accounting . When I joined the conversation, she was talking about how networking can be used as a valuable tool to build relationship, solve questions and communicate ideas . In addition, she told us why she chosen to study accounting and how it improved her strategic thinking. In her opinion, accounting provides a solid foundation for people to act and think in business world . Although p eople may not necessarily work as an accountant , the concepts they learned will make them stand out among thousands of job applications. I asked her to recommend some electives for my future accounting study. At the end of the conversation, I asked if I can add her on LinkedIn to maintain future connection.
Lesson Learned
After the event, I summarize the tips and suggestions I got from each delegates, and I felt that there are so many things I can do to improve myself.