Needs and Wants

Ch 11 Crtkl. Thinking


After reading chapter 11 I realized that my life is clustered around “wants” rather than “needs”. Only after I found out that many of my needs are essentially wants, did I understand this concept. Wants are the poison, my Achilles heel. The question that pops in my head is what, exactly is a need? Is it something that I must have in order to survive?

Many people start with a logical approach and come to some sort of a conclusion that there must be an origin and source of the universe. Furthermore, taking that and basing their entire life around it, God. Those who use this mystical God as a need revolve their entire life around it. What does anyone gain by studying this unknown factor? Let me see… life after death. What about your life here on earth? They may also find, in God, a scapegoat for their own inability to think for themselves. Ohh, it must have been God’s will is a typical excuse for their misfortunes. Or my particular favorite, those of us who purchase self-help books. How are you helping yourself by buying a book about how someone other than you solved their problems? Sounds like an oxymoron to me. If anything you are helping that author by buying his book.

There are 5 elements of thought in effective problem solving. The last element states that one must monitor their actions as they begin to emerge, but be ready at a moment’s notice to revise your strategy. I believe this is where trouble can begin to occur when problem solving. This can happen when our thinking becomes scattered by our 5 senses. Some pleasant attractive sound, taste, touch, or smell says, “come, come, you will get happiness from me. I often do not realize that this is only a delusion and there is not a single measure of happiness or need in these objects that distract me. It is only some momentary pleasant nervous sensation that derails me from my effective problem solving and the separation between my needs and goals. You can become hooked on this sensation (eating in over moderation, smoking, drugs), you can become enslaved. Once your favorite dish of food is gone, its over- the feeling is gone. If you ponder over this, analyze it in part, you will realize that it is only a purely a biological nervous sensation and this cannot be called happiness or a need in this case. However I am duped by this and I interpret it as happiness and waste my entire life chasing these sense objects or wants.