Nature v.s. Nurture



Psychologists have been going on for years arguing about how children are developed based on nature or nurture. Psychologists still argue nature v.s. nurture and there is still good arguments for each side. For many reason I think that nature is how a child is developed in his early stages and nurture is just an excuse in how the child is developed.

Some people talk about how a murderer is one from birth which is true for various reasons. Say if the parents did all that they can to race him into being a good kid by having him go to church, attend good schools, be involved in sports, etc. This could try to develop the child in being a good kid but that doesn’t mean that deep down inside he isn’t a killer.

In one of the articles, it talks about how when a baby is born and at its young age it hears another baby cry, this causes the other baby to react by crying because that baby knows how the other baby feels and feels its pain. No mother or father can teach a baby emotion at such a young age, so that’s why a child is developed my nature. The thing that which a parent can help with is by trying to persuade the child in acting in a different manner. One good example that would show your development is based around nature is rappers. Some of them are born in the ghetto and by becoming a rapper they move their way to the top. The thing is you can’t teach that it just comes naturally.

In one study, it talks about how children seemed to be more generous when sharing the cardboard boxes then sharing the chocolate. Your parents didn’t show you how to react by sharing with others, its just naturally sometimes when you get something better, you just don’t want to share. I remember when I was a child that my parent would try to have me share with other but sometimes when the toy I had I liked to much, I didn’t want to share with anyone else.

Another interesting thing was in the article there was a kid that gave his mother his security blanket because she was sad. He couldn’t of learned how his mother was feeling by his mom showing him what emotion was. When he was a baby he just new what emotion was without being taught it. More children seem to discover things by themselfs by nature leaded them into the moral development stage that they are in now.

The gene of the child is hard to change but parents seem to try to change it because they want the best for their kids. It’s a good idea to teach your child different ways in life, but he or she is just going to have to learn it themselfs. The environment the kid is in helps the child develop a personality in life but most of his personality is based on nature and how nature she’s that kid. Childhood experiences can effect the kids moral development but the beginning part of a kids like if it at birth. The parents can try to teach the kid something, but when he was born, he could of choose not to learn just pretend to listen.

There are many different arguments in the moral development of a child, but I strongly agree that the main development of a child starts at birth and how nature wants this kid to be. I’m sure people are different because of the influences they had around them, but the main thing is that the kids starting point in life is how nature sees it for him and how he responds to different things in life without being taught one thing.