Natural Child birth versus Medicated
In this experiment we will observe two different methods of childbirth, natural and medicated with anesthesia epidural. The study will show the responsiveness of the child after they have been delivered. Supported in existing hypothesis children who were born to mothers that did not choose to use any medication were more alert; the children that were observed, born to mothers that chose to use anesthesia epidural for pain were less responsive.

We have enrolled 150 women that are 6 months pregnant from the local health department. The women in our study vary between the ages of 25 to 32 and are first time mothers that are all in good health. Women that have cesarean sections, and babies that were distressed during delivery will be ineligible and not used in our experiment.

These women have been to several orientations and are aware of the procedure that we will be performing. The mothers will be registering with our onsite staff in the County Hospital so that we are informed when one of the mothers are in labor and give birth. We have agreed that 90 women will be having natural childbirth 60 women will be using an anesthesia epidural. We have chosen a greater number of mothers to deliver naturally, for the reasons that, some women may not absorb the pain of natural childbirth, and may need to be medicated.

The independent variable is the type of delivery, natural or medicated with anesthesia epidural. The dependent variable is the responsiveness of the newborn, in which we will use the Brazelton Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Scale within 24 to36 hours after birth determine. In this experiment we will be using a cross-sectional approach because more than one person will be studied at one point in time.

Regular prenatal care will be required to assure that the mother and child are healthy, we have also arranged for the women that have natural childbirth to be enrolled into Lamaz class free of charge. The goal of Lamaze childbirth education is to increase women’s confidence in their ability to give birth, to promote normal birth, and to assist women in getting the support and care they need for a normal birth. Women who attended childbirth classes were less likely to use medication during labor.

The hypothesis in this study will be supported; the babies that were born to the mothers that used no medication were more responsive. They were able to feed as soon as they were born, and were alert to what was going on around them. Most of us with extensive natural birth experience have found that a natural birth is an overall more positive birth experience for both the mom and the baby The babies that were born to mothers that received the epidural suffered from a variety of different issues; some babies were drowsy at birth, had poor sucking reflex, poor muscle strength and tone in the first hours, neonatal jaundice, and decreased maternal-infant bonding.