Napoleon Bonaparte


Too much power corrupts those who possess it; the main character, Napoleon, committed sins against Animal Farm. Napoleon abused and deceived others and finally became what he had rebelled against. Napoleon wronged the inhabitants of Animal Farm. Napoleon terrorized animals by killing many of them. He killed four pigs for communicating with Snowball and he killed three hens for confessing that Snowball came to them in their dreams. Napoleon also affected the animals by making decisions for them. When Napoleon decided that there was no longer a need to sing the Beasts of England, a favorite song, because the rebellion was over, he banned it. He also decided how much food each animal received. In addition, Napoleon changed the seven commandments to benefit him but not the other animals. The fourth commandment about an animal not sleeping in a bed was changed after the pigs started sleeping in beds to ‘no animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets.’ When Napoleon drank alcohol he broke the fifth commandment, and so he changed it to ‘no animal shall drink in excess.’ All the animals of Animal Farm were wronged by Napoleon when he used his power to terrorize them, make decisions for them, and change their commandments. Another way Napoleon abused his power was by deceiving the other animals. He first deceived by false blaming hen things went wrong. For example, when the windmill was ruined by a storm, Napoleon said Snowball had destroyed it because he was an enemy. The second time the windmill was attacked by humans was also blamed on Snowball because he supposedly helped them. Napoleon also deceived the animals by using Squealer to spread propaganda. One piece of propaganda arose when Napoleon decided to sell some timber even though all animals made a resolution against engaging in trade or using money. To convince the animals to let him sell the timber, he got Squealer to get the animals to doubt their memories by telling them that they must have been dreaming about such a resolution. Therefore, in the end I think that power corrupted Napoleon.