My Two Dads

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Topic Rationale
The reason I chose homosexuality as a topic is because
it is queer to me. What I do not understand is what would
drive people to this way of life. As far as I can tell,
people had weird lives when they were younger. Maybe they
were dropped on their heads as babies. Maybe they were
abused as children, be it emotionally, sexually, mentally,
verbally, physically, socially, politically, economically,
chemically, and/or academically. Maybe these people joined
the “other team” later in life. They could have just come
into it, perhaps simply putting a name to the idea. It’s
possible that they have had a peculiar attraction to the
same sex, taken a step back and realizing what exactly is
happening. Or they may have done so just to gay out of a
rut or for a change. It may have been that they were
rejected one too many times or that they saw one too many
straight people who were jerks, and they said to themselves
that they did not want to be one of them. There are many
reasons, some petty or insignificant or ridiculous. Some
reasons are extreme of obvious. What my long term goal, in
a nut shell, is to understand them, their reasons, and I am
guessing that this will make me a better person.

The preconceptions that I have are that they, the gays,
are wrong, and I, (the straight one), am right. I think
that I base this on the fact that the majority of the
populous are straight. I mean, the entire American
population can’t be wrong, can they? Another preconception
that could be is that I am comfortable, simply because I had
never given it much thought before. I am not going to go
around and beat them senseless to say that homosexuality is
unacceptable. The truth is, to me, that it is acceptable.
This is where my motto come into play: “If it feels good, do
it (Within reason)!.” If they know what they are doing,
then go ahead and do it. It is their perogative and their
lives and let them do as they please. I also feel that gay
people are the most polite people in the world too; I also
hope to understand this as I research more.

I do not really have much of a previous experience with
any aspect of this topic. This is one of the main reasons
why I chose this topic, to learn more about this. My only
experience with this is from TV. There is a gay host with
his own homemaking show and a gay character in MTV’s “The
Real World” in San Francisco by the name of Pedro, a Cuban.
I am also familiar with Ellen DeGeneres, a lesbian
comedian/actress and Melissa Etheridge, the singer. If they
are comfortable with it, then we should be too.

Buckel, David “Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund for
Immediate Release” <
lldefny. txt> June 20, 1996

The type of information at this web site concerns
political interests. It contains pictures and text articles
in full. It contains virtually all information about the
legal arguments about gay marriage. It is user friendly in
such a way by using topic catagories and keyword/phrase
searchs. I was most interested with the Lambda Legal
Defense article. The information found at this web site is
quite descriptive and is supported by hyperlinks to other
web sites. The pictures are not to die for but the strong
point is the full text articles. This is the no nonsense
web site that contains straight forward information about
the legal standing of gay marriage and other policies.
There are poems and book reviews that I recommend further
exploration. I would have to say that this site gets a four
on a five point scale.

Herek, Gregory, “Facts About Homosexuality and Mental
Heath” <http://psychology,
html/facts> Dec. 10, 1996.

This is a great web site for those who have any
questions. It is great for those who are curious about
this way of life. It has in-depth articles that explain the
psyche of homosexuality. It has statistics about which ones
choose homosexuality or who simply realize their feelings.
It is also organized into catagories like psycological
reviews, surveys, and other user friendly links. This site
also supports hyperlinks to get support for these facts or
for more in-depth information on the particular topic or
category. It also has a key word/phrase search to aid in
seeking specific items. These facts and figures were a
great asset to my research. I recommend this site to anyone
looking for a few quick