My Memorable Experience

It was my first real paycheck. The amount wasn’t that significant, but I was amazed to be holding my very own paycheck. Driving home from work in my parents’ old green Pontiac, I was barely 16; my birthday having passed only two weeks earlier. Life caught up with me that day, and I will never forget it.

My brother, George, and I sat stunned after I hit the tree. I suppose the theory “75% of all accidents happen within 3 miles of your home” is true, because we were just down the road from our house. George and I just looked at each other, making sure we were alright. Then, our attention turned to the ruined car. The cops arrived soon, my parents started taking pictures for insurance, and I went to the med station for a broken foot. Let’s just say I didn’t enjoy that day too well.

Then the questioning started: Of all people, why was it me that had to get into the accident? How come all my friends drove safely, but I hit a tree? For months I pondered these questions. I analyzed the cause of the accident and what I could have done to prevent the accident. None of this “personal therapy” helped, so I started praying, asking God for answers.

Today I believe God was telling me not to be blinded by material possessions, but instead focus on things that really matter. Our lives are more important than a trivial paycheck. God sent me a shocking message that day because I had started to veer away from him. In the future I plan to readily pay attention instead of being shocked into listening by something like a car accident.