My Life Disciplines Plan
Life Disciplines Plan

INST 150


Entering college, many of us have grown have grown up a great amount throughout the 17 or 18 years of our lives before we graduated high school. We realized what we want to study, what sport we want to play, what types of people we want to be friends with, and how well we adapt to a new place on our own whether it be close to or far from home. Entering college, we become independent, we decide where we want to go and when, if we want to attend class or not, and what we want to major in that will set us on our paths for the rest of our lives. Most importantly, we have to settle down and find a plan that will work effectively for us that will set us on the right path in life.

It may be easy for some people to settle somewhere and be able to adapt and do well in their surroundings. I have to admit that it has not been that easy for me. I have been able to adapt fairly easily before coming to college, but college is completely different from what I had to adapt to before. There are three main obstacles that are affecting my life right now. The first thing would be soccer. I am struggling with soccer because I have not been playing very well during practices and that ultimately affects the amount of time I get in games. This interferes with my schoolwork because I always think about it and what I can do to improve and it takes time from my schoolwork when I do that. The second obstacle I have is the workload. College professors definitely give out longer assignments than high school teachers and I’m just having a small problem adjusting because I used to be very lazy and got by high school without doing much work. The workload connects with my third obstacle, which are the syllabuses. I am not used to having a syllabus for each class. I am used to teachers telling me what is due the next day in class instead of having to look at a syllabus and having to know when things are due without the professor saying something in advance. These are the three main obstacles in my life right now and it is a small struggle for me.


I should have an easy time dealing with this time of struggle and these problems. Relating to the CSI report, it says that I placed very high in the “Ease of Transition” aspect of the test. I should be able to overcome these obstacles soon and be able to feel comfortable with the various changes brought on by college life. My “Sociability” aspect also can help because I ranked very high on this as well and knowing more people and establishing friendships can help give me advice on how to sort out my problems.

My personality test shows that I am influencing and inspiring. It says that I am enthusiastic, have a positive sense of humor, creative problem solver, and motivates others to achieve. I can possibly use the creative problem solver and motivating others to achieve aspects of my personality to help me with my schoolwork and make things easier on myself when it comes to schoolwork. I can also use the motivation and enthusiastic aspects to help me with soccer. I just have to find a way to somehow motivate myself to play better and to just play without worrying about what the coaches are thinking about me and worrying every time I mess up.

My cognitive test shows that I am a literal, intuitive, and theoretical thinker. I am partly a literal thinker because I like organization. My strengths are focusing on a project until it is completed and working hard to keep a deadline. I can find a way to organize my syllabuses so that I know when assignments are due so I can do them ahead of time. I am partly an intuitive thinker because I care about feelings. The most important strength I can use is staying optimistic when others are negative. I have