My First Job

My first job was with Braumís Ice Cream and Dairy Store. I was 16 years old when I applied for this job and kept the job for 6 months. It was a good job as a general hourly employee. This basically meant that I worked whatever position in the store that I was told to do by management. These positions included: front counter, drive thru, dining area, kitchen and/or store. I was trained in all positions upon hire. However, my favorite position was the kitchen. In the kitchen it was normal for the new hires to do dishes or clean up. Later in your employment, the employee would be trained in areas such as fryer, skillet and so on. The store was a half ice cream shop, half grocery store. Every employee was close to my age except for management. This was a great positive for helping me to feel comfortable while at work.

While working at Braumís, I was able to learn a lot about helping people in a service environment. As well, Braumís taught me the importance of customer service, cleanliness in the workplace and money handling techniques. For example, all of Bramís cash registers were non-computerized. Therefore, we had to count back change to the customer in our heads. Also, having never worked around or for the public, I had to be prompt in my response to the customers needs and requests. Once, on a rather normal day, I had a customer ask me to clean off a table that was just recently emptied. Having never worked the dining area yet I knew that I would probably be able to suit the customers needs correctly because upon hire Braumís trained each employee in every position of the store. This situation turned out to be a great positive in my learning experience when working for the public.

However, while working there I did acquire some bad experiences. These were things such as talking while at work, being rude or impolite and/or being late. Talking was my biggest weakness and caused me to get written up and moved permanently from working in one of the store positions. This caused many problems. For example, it was not a rule to never speak to your co-workers but, it wasnít looked upon highly. This caused me to speak often to my peers around me and make many friends. Having made friends there, I did find myself chit chatting often and being distracted from the more important things around me. Once, while working for Braumís, a manager found me and a co-worker talking instead of stocking the shelves and wrote us both a pink slip to go on our permanent record. Having this experience taught me to never take for granted what could be your only hope at a good time at work. Also, being rude happened often during my employment there. On those bad days, I would often times find myself being less than nice to the customers. Being this way caused many unhappy customers. Being late was not normally my style as an employee at Braumís but, it was one of my bad experiences. Once, after over sleeping on a Saturday morning, I found myself over 2 hours late to work. Being late at Braumís could cause you to be fired on the spot. After explaining the situation to my manager, I retained my job. However, I did learn that it is important to be prompt and on time every day when others are depending on you.

As a result of both my strengths and weaknesses, I learned to use these experiences in my future jobs. I refrained from unnecessary talking and used my training from this, my first job, to help me feel comfortable working around customers and my fellow employees. In my next job as a car-hop for Sonic, I used my previous experiences at Braumís and refrained from chit chat with friendly co-workers. Having done so, I never received a single write-up slip or any negative comments of that nature. As well, using the things I learned, such as promptness and alertness, I was able to keep the customer happy always. Doing so kept my tip