\'My Eyes Have Seen The Glory\'

“My Eyes Have Seen The Glory”

1st-My eyes shall see the glory of the firing
of the fools;
They are tramping on our county, they are
breaking all the rules.
We will march into their office and remove
the Sheriff’s men;
then truth shall go marching once again.
-Glory, Glory, alleluia, the law
should have all new rules.
We will draw them up short and haul
them in to court,
and they won’t tramp on our county anymore!

2nd-We have seen their flashlights a’ circling
in the parks;
are they looking for a clue , are they looking
for their marks?
Well, they couldn’t find a clue if it bit
them on the leg,
and the truth just leaves them in the dark.
-Glory, Glory, alleluia, they are out
to stick it to you.
We will grab them by the pants and fill
them full of ants,
and they won’t go out patrolling anymore!

3rd-Maybe they think they come from Russia
far away across the sea,
they want to take our freedoms away from
you and me.
If they think that they can do that, then they
are way out of their tree;
because we will go marching ‘till we’re free.
-Glory, Glory, alleluia, we are ‘o so
tired of you.
We have become enraged with the way you
rant and rave,
and we just won’t take it anymore!!

Category: Mythology