Next to your wedding date the most important thing females look forward to is their prom. Prom is the most important thing to a high school teenager. You plan months in advanced and spend hundredths of dollars for the best five hours of your life. Prom is not just a dance but the last event that you and your graduation class will ever share. Prom will forever have a life long impact on your life.

My prom turned out to be the most stressful and worst event of my senior year. Two weeks before prom was one of the most stressful times in my life. I was working and preparing for finals and could barely make time to pick out my dress. I decided to go for the Halle Berry look. The dress was a straight spaghetti-strapped. It was multi-colored with glitter all over the dress. I wore a clear glass liked shoe with the toe out. I got my nails and my toes done to match the colors of my dress. Everything was perfect, but where is my date?

Prom started at 6:00p.m., everyone was at my house to see me off but we were missing one key element, my date. I had called and called and his mom said he had already left to pick up his brother and his date because we were double dating. I had started to panic. Tears began to stream down my face. I felt like a little child wanting to be held by her mother.

Finally they arrived, almost two hours later. We took some pictures at the house before departing to Marquette Park for the prom. On the way there, I was livid. I fussed from the time we left my house all the way to the prom. As we entered, I told my date, “If I don’t get a chance to take pictures, you are going to find me somewhere to take some tonight!” Luckily on his part, because we had so many people attending our prom, they were still taking pictures. So we had a chance to take pictures and walk down the isle for the Grand March. Then it was time to go because our reservations for dinner were at a restaurant in Chicago, which is an hour away from where we were.

My best friends and their dates decided to trail us because they had reservations at the same place. We get on the expressway and get lost. Then to top it all off, one of them got pulled over for speeding while trying to catch up with the rest of us. Everyone was trying to figure out what we were going to do then. The restaurant was closed and we had nowhere to eat. So we tried the Bennigan’s on Michigan Ave. but we got lost again. So we decided to go back to Gary and go to Denny’s. After getting caught in traffic, we finally made it.

So we ate dinner, and I returned home about 5:00am that morning. This night to me was pointless and a disaster. This day taught me a lot of things. If I had to do it all over again, I would pick my date more carefully and have a chauffer.