My Day of Jubilee

ENGL 011-29


Thursday, March 25, 2004, seemed to begin as an average day, at an average university, for this average student. Who would have thought that it was soon to change? At the strike of 7 AM, I received a call from Mary Beth Cahill, Campaign Director for John Kerry for America. She explained to me that my intelligence in politics was needed at the Kerry Headquarters. Kerry was scheduled to make a speech at The George Washington University later that morning, and he was in critical need for a Communications Director to deal with Public Relations, Domestic policies, and of course speech writing. In great joy, I rushed over to the Kerry Headquarters and began work as the youngest Communications Director in the history of politics. After being personally welcomed by John Kerry, Howard Dean, Bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter, I began the workings of the Pubic Relations campaigns that took the name “Let Kerry be Kerry.” I felt along with my staff that this would be the strongest strategy to face of against George W. Bush, for we definitely wanted to raise the level of public debate in this country and show the country that the ideals of the John Kerry and not very different from the common man found in all Americans. Kerry then delivered his first speech under this new strategy, as planned at the George Washington University. Kerry did an amazing job on the speech and hit a lot of the key issues with strong words that we will face in the 2004 Election. I received great reviews from political pundits all over the world, for my work with the speech and with constructing the new Kerry Campaign strategy. So, there is was my day of Jubilee, a day I began as just another average teenager, now turned Communications Director for John Kerry for President.