My Big Mistake

English 2-11-04

Hi my name is Daniel and I am still alive, thank god. My mom died and only I and my sister still exist. You might ask why, Iíll tell you why.

It all started when my sister was having a bad time in school; her teachers were failing her and explaining to my parents that she was causing too many problems in the class. No I donít want you to get the idea that she is a no good student and that she is the bad one in the family, actually sheís the smart goodie 2shoes, Iím the bad one. The only reason she was acting this way is because her boyfriend dumped her. At the age of 16 that can be really hard to take, thatís why Iím glad Iím 14.

She came home early instead of going to Kellyís house. As soon as my mom heard the knob turn she yelled my sisterís name. ďJasmine come here right now!Ē My mom must have been pissed off; she looked like she was going to kill her. And thatís exactly what she did, well she might as well have, Jasmine was grounded for a whole month, no phone, no boys, no playing, nothing but school and her room. My mom totally went berserk on her. I tried my best not to laugh when she passed but she heard me. ďShut up DanielĒ she said as she stomped her way up the stairs and to her room. I was so out of breath I couldnít reply. My mother told me to do my home work and get ready for dinner, so I ran to my room and started on math, the subject Iím the least good at. I called my best friend and got his help with it. I went on to the rest of the subjects they were pretty fair. After I was done I washed my hands and went to dinner. At dinner everyone was silent and aptly bored. I tried to make conversation ďmom how was your day?Ē but it didnít work. We kept on eating and then my mom said ďJasmine what is your problem you are acting up and cussing at your teachers this isnít like you.Ē

Jasmine replied ďI donít care your just messing with me you donít care about me none of you do you donít give a damn about my life so stop pretending!Ē she got up and stormed up the steps and to her room weeping and sobbing. ďHoney wait, come back, letís talk about it!Ē my mom yelled but Jasmine refused to listen. When I went up stairs after dinner I passed her door and over heard her punching her closet door and saying ď I hate him I hate you I hate everyone I wish every one would all die!Ē and continued to cry. I should have told someone what I heard but just ignored it and went into my room instead, Big mistake. As soon as I got in my room I fell on my bed and went to sleep.

After about 4 hours I was awoken by a loud scream, it sounded like my mom, I looked at my alarm clack it was 1 in the morning. I rushed down the stairs and saw blood splatter on the kitchen wall I was shocked. I froze for about 10 seconds and then saw my sister holding a blood stained knife. I didnít want to believe it but there was no denying it, she had killed my mom and I was next! I kept thinking to myself, wake up, wake up, itís just a dream, please let this be a dream!!

But it wasnít, she came after me, I had to think fast, I ducked she and she missed by an inch! I ran towards my mom to see if she was still alive, she was, but barely. I had to talk sense into Jasmine to calm her down. I yelled ďJasmine stop, we love you donít do this, I donít want you to get into trouble!Ē she didnít listen, instead she came after me again, she raised the knife with both hands and hammered it down, hitting me