Music and Art
Video Art

My life would be nothing without music. Music is the largest influence in my life. The artwork that I create seems to always have a musical undertone. I always say there is a piece of music that goes with everything, and I think there is a lot of truth to this. For almost any event that has happened in my life, there is a song or a piece that illustrates it perfectly. A lot of my work has a very organized style to it, which is reminiscent of the organization of a musical score. There is a direct correlation between the music that I listen to and the work that I produce. Some of my more abstract work has been inspired by more creative stimulating music or musical events. I created an abstract oil painting earlier this year after being inspired by the music of NiccolÚ Paganini (1782-1840). Many of my graphic design works are in a pop style similar to the music of popular bands. Typically instrumental music stimulates me to become more creative. There isnít a verbal overtone, and thusly there are fewer distractions. Overall I believe that my work is typically a direct response to the music Iím listening to at the time of creation.