Movie: The Fan

An extraordinary film that every movie ‘guru\' should see is The Fan.
Putting this picture on a pedestal would be the right thing to do. My counter-
part, Hector, also gives the movie exemplary reviews.
Robert DiNero plays a psychotic baseball fan who was an appalling father
and a die-hard for the game. This crazy man just wants credit for giving a Barry
Bonds-like player ( Wesley Snipes ) his number back. Unfortunately, the ‘fan\'
gives Wesley his number back by killing the player who occupied the number
before him. When the baseball player\'s son is kidnapped by the disillusioned man,
the police held the man at gun point in the stadium. When the deranged man made
a move to open fire, the police gunned him down right on the ball field.
My attitude toward this hostile man was that he was very baneful and my
heart was lifted of many worries when he was killed. Hector gave this film two
thumbs up because of its screen play and cinematography. The reason that my
rating of this film was two thumbs up was because the story quickly fell
together at the end and the action was remarkable.

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