Morris County Youth Soccer Association
Robert and Matthew Keegan Memorial Scholarship
Robbin Rinier Memorial Scholarship

Applications for scholarships : from the Robert and Matthew Keegan Memorial Scholarship Fund and Robbin Rinier Memorial Scholarship Fund are invited from 2015/2016 High School Seniors (graduating in 2016 ) planning to attend college and who have played or refereed in the MCYSA League. Keegan Scholarship s of $1,500 are awarded to boys and Rinier Scholarship s of $1,500 are awarded to girls. Based on the number of applications that are received t here can be multiple awards. To be considered the following information is required, in its entirety, with a postmark date no later than April 15, 2016.

Applicant Name FEMALE MALE
Email Address
High School Name
Soccer Club Affiliation(s)
Club Name
Club President
Years and Divisions Refereed or Played
Colleges applied to
Also - Please attach :

Include a copy of school record
LEADERSHIP - documented and endorsed by the submitting club
Community soccer program involvement (e.g. intramural and or FIFA referee, skills clinics participated in and or organized, coach or assistant coach responsibilities etc.)
ATHLETICS - documented by the player's coach( es ), both high school and club, and endorsed by the submitting club
Attitude on field - (e.g. "coach-ability", team spirit, participation, dedication, commitment, volunteerism, leadership etc.)
Ability - Position played. Skill level - (e.g. varsity for "x" number of years, Select, ODP, local/regional recognition etc.)
ESSAY - to be written by the applicant
Brief (one to two pages) essay on the theme "What Soccer has Given to Me." Originality and presentation will be considered as well as content and structure.

Mail or E-mail the completed form and associated documents by the April 15, 2016 deadline to:

3 Towpath Ct.
Montville, NJ 07045
[email protected]

Revised 4/12/2016