In Tuesdays with Morrie’s box I have 14 items. Each item represents one of the Tuesdays.

The first item I have it is the newspaper and this item describe the first Tuesday, which talks about world. Morrie likes to read the newspaper every day because he likes to know what is happening in the world around him. Morrie’s view for this subject was to describe the news that is going on around the world for people in order for them to feel what is happening around them. And that is why the newspaper describe world.

In the second Tuesday they talked about feeling sorry for your self. I choose the picture to describe this subject. And in this picture shows that the guy doesn’t care about his self, and Morrei’s view was showed the person not to feel sorry for them self but to learn from them mistakes.

The third Tuesday talked about regrets and the item that I have for this subject is the TV because when Mitch saw Morrie on the TV show, he remember the day o graduation when he promised Morrie to keep in touch with him and at last he didn’t visited him till he saw him ill on TV. And Morrie’s view was not to regret but to learn from what did you do wrong and keep going in your life with out doing a lot of mistakes.

The forth item is the recorder and this item describes the subject that they talked about death this recorder-recorded Morrie’s voice because Mitch wanted to record Morrie’s voice and in the same time Mitch can learn from Morrie’s advices when he is away from him. Death meant nothing to Morrie, and also when Mitch bought the recorder to record morrie’s voice Morrie liked the idea of recording.

The fifth Tuesday talked about family. What is better than the phone to describe the subject? The phone describes the subject because Morrie always used to tell Mitch to keep in touch with his family specially his brother in Spain. Morrie’s view for community was that he liked to see all the society in hand and the family more tightly.

The sixth Tuesday talked about emotions, and I chose a picture to describe the emotions. The following picture describes how you feel when you get mad, happy, or when you are on love like what happened between Mitch and his fiancé when they almost got broke. Morrie’s view for emotions is to feel happy all the time.

The seventh Tuesday talked about aging. I chose the napkin because Morrie couldn’t even blow his nose or wipe his ass. He became so much dependent on others in his last years. Aging for Morrie was not a big deal for him and he used to go to clubs in his sixties.

The eighth Tuesday talked about money. The item that I chose is the money because money is not every thing in life. For example love that no body can buy with money and that’s was Morrie’s view about money.

The ninth item I chose is the piano to describe the Tuesday that they talked about love. When Mitch uses to play the piano he used to remember his girl friend. The piano is the most romantic instrument for Mitch. And love for Morrie was every thing because he likes to see every body together and loving each other.

The tenth Tuesday talked about marriage and for that I chose the ring that Mitch bought for Janine. The ring is a circle where a couple never leaves. Morrie’s view about marriage was very important to make a family and live happy together.

The eleventh Tuesday talked about culture so I chose the Pita bread because it symbolizes the way people are opened in culture, living, and talks. Morrie’s view about culture was almost the same because he liked to see the entire world in one hand.

The twelfth Tuesday talked about forgiveness. I chose the sculpture because Morrie forgave his friend even when he didn’t visit him. Forgiveness or Morrie was a default thing in life because he liked to see every body with no mean in between.

The thirteenth item that I had was the coffin because it