Morality in Killing


Period 6


Many factors must be considered when asking the question on whether or not it is moral to take a human life in certain situations. Some may argue that if the life that is being taken belongs to a person who is immoral and has possibly taken the life of someone else, than it is moral. In this situation; however, there are people other than the one who has done wrong that need to be considered when the life of this immoral person is being taken. You must think of the family, friends, and anyone else who loves this person. What have they done that would cause them to deserve the pain suffered when experiencing the loss of a loved one? This pain that they will suffer must be considered because it is immoral to hurt other people.

Another example where many believe that taking life is moral is during wartime in battle. In this case, it may be necessary to kill, but not moral. The whole idea of war is immoral. By using force to take something that belongs to someone else, in this case it could be land; the offender is violating these peoples’ rights as human beings. War is an extremely selfish act. Whoever is the offender is fulfilling their desires at the expense of others. This is immoral; thus, the act of killing during war is immoral.

So far there has not been an instance where the taking of a human life is considered immoral. What if the occasion arrives that a human life can be taken to save one of another? This example is the one case that the intentional killing of another human being could be considered moral. Let’s say for example that a single father wants to give up his heart for his only kid, who is dying of a heart disease. Here the father must first inform anyone he is close to about his decision and convince them that it is the right one to make. Also, notice he is single and it is his only child. If he had a wife and possibly other children, he would be hurting them because they would be deprived of his support. I think that his parents would agree with his decision because they can sympathize with the love he feels for his son. Here the father is not being selfish; I think that it can be looked at as if he is giving life instead of taking it. I am not sure if this situation is legal; however, if it is it can be considered heroic as well as moral.

In conclusion, in almost every instance where human life is taken there is a way that it can be considered immoral. Just because it may be necessary, like in wartime, the killing of another human being is not justified; thus, the instances where the taking of a human life is considered moral are limited.