Moral philosophy is very important to the success of an individual. But,
before I tell you why moral philosophy is so important, and how it has helped me
in my life, let me give you a little background knowledge. Rational knowledge
has two components. These components are material and formal. Formal knowledge
is not object oriented, and is based on reason. Formal knowledge is logic, or
the laws of thought. Material knowledge is object oriented, and has two
components. These two components are natural and moral. Natural law is physics.
It determines what is the case, and how things behave in nature. On the other
hand, moral law determines what things ought to be. Morality is something
humans think about, and is not based on physiological factors.
Now that we have a little background of knowledge and moral law, let me
tell you why you should lead a moral life. Even though morality is not imposed
upon you, it is about humanity. And, while it may not seem fair, in reality,
morality is judged by humans. So, if you are immoral, other people will be the
ones that notice that you are immoral, and that can hurt personal relationships.
One way that I have succeeded throughout my career is by knowing and being
friends with a lot of people.
The practical side of life is based on interpersonal relationships.
Whether it be social or business, communicating with people is the only way to
get things done. There is no way that you can go through life in today\'s
society without getting along with people. If people think that you are immoral,
than they will not respect you, or be willing to work with you. Again, it may
seem like it is not fair because you know that no one is one hundred percent
moral, and if someone doesn\'t respect you because you are immoral, than they are
hypocritical. But, when it comes to moral issues, the reality of the world is
that people are hypocritical. They feel it is okay for them to do it, but not
okay for anyone else.
Think about it, how many times have you said, "I can\'t believe that he
did that; he\'s a jerk." Knowing the entire time that you have done the same
thing. You may say, "Who cares!" I\'m here to tell you that one day you might
care. Let me give you and example. After I completed a business venture that
made me over one million dollars, I learned that the only reason I received the
job was because the man I was competing against had cheated on his wife. Well,
the company offering the job decided that they couldn\'t trust this man because
of his immoral activity. So, to answer your question, I care. And for that
matter, I bet if you were involved in this situation, you would care.
Now I want to tell you an obvious reason why you should care. This may
be so obvious that you overlooked it. Many of our nations laws are based on
moral issues. For instance, you can\'t hurt another human; you can\'t steal from
another human; and you can\'t kill another human being. Now, you may say, "I
already know this!" But, if everybody knew this, would we need jails? Let me
ask you a question. How successful can you be in jail? My point with this
question is to get you to realize that you can\'t be successful in jail.
Nobody grows up saying that they can\'t wait to go to jail because they
know that it is the place to be. Nobody says that if they could just get in
jail they know that they could be the best prisoner, and could have the biggest
cell. This may be taking immorality to an extreme, but it happens. An immoral
life could send a person to jail. I can tell you some of the consequences of an
immoral life, but I can\'t make you be moral. Morality is not imposed upon you
by society. Morality is self imposed; it is something in us, and defines what
constitutes a human being.
I am sure that many of you have participated in team sports. Now even
if you have a good game, maybe you scored all of the points, and the team won.
But, at the end of the game you cheated. Well, everyone that knows you cheated
now labels you a cheater. So, in the future, when it is time to play the next
game no one wants you on their