Montezuma Ruler of the Aztecs


Montezuma was the ruler of the Aztecs. Aztecs lived
in Mexico around

the 1400\'s to 1500\'s. They were an advanced civilization.
Their religion

seemed brutal to us but normal to them. Their clothes and
customs have


Aztecs lived where southern Mexico is today.
Tenochtitlan was their

capital until Spain came around. Due to their religion and
customs, Hernando

Cortez, leader of the Spanish Conquest, was believed to be a
white god. He

made Montezuma prisoner and captured Tenoctitlan and renamed
it Mexico City.

Sacrificing people to gods was a normal thing. They
would sacrifice

slaves and prisoners. That is why they waged war with
people. Usually they

cut the heart out of a living victim. They thought if you
ate someone\'s flesh,

you obtained their courage. Every 52 years, they had a new
beginning. They

would light a fire on someone\'s chest who is alive, then
people put their blood

on it so they could become part of it.

Very much do you hear of their culture today and
very few people can

speak their language. Their clothes and ways have changed.
Their culture

was advanced, large and successful for a period of time.

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