Modernity in Christianity

Throughout history, our existence has been debated on many levels of reality. On plain of thought is that of the earth revolving around the sun as opposed to the opposite. This theory called Modernity, proven by science, contradicts the fundamentals of Christianity, faith & God. Modernity and Christianity have co-existed for quite some time now even though they blatantly contradict each other. Modernism states that our goal in knowing the physical world is to manipulate reality to fulfill our needs and wants, whereas Christianity is based on a totally different approach.

Modernity is based on cause and effect. Modern thinkers believed that if we can find the cause, we are then able to manipulate it to receive the specified effect that we desire. This is not based on any Biblical fact or teaching. Humans are the objects controlled by God who is the subject; these roles were put into place by God from the beginning of Creation. Modernity is based on the flip-side which states that humans are the subject whereas the effect is the object and we can manipulate reality for our own benefit.

This method of thinking produces the thought that we control our own environment and we can get everything we want out of life. This does not contradict the Christian faith, the Bible has no reference at all which states that Christians should not take advantage of the modern day conveniences of this world. However, the Bible does state that Christians need not be concerned with material possessions since we cannot take them with us to Heaven.

As Christians, we are to find comfort and contentment in God, and our perception of reality should be that which is through the eyes of God. How well we know reality is dependant on how well we know the desires and will of God for His creation. We as humans have a God-given responsibility towards creation to continue to bring towards God and not away from Him through destroying it. In this respect, we have control over nature, but we need to be careful not to lead it astray.

Modern day conveniences are not against the basic principles of Christianity. There is nothing wrong with a good Christian man working his way to wealth and power, however God clearly states that we are not able to take any possessions with us when we die. Also, some Christians may let power and wealth get in the way of their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. In this respect, modern day advancement is detestable for a Christian as it contradicts the fact that possessions are meaningless in the afterlife. However, possessions do not have to be limited on earth by a Christian for this reason because there is nothing wrong with being comfortable and having conveniences for modern life.

Modernity states that comfort can be found in altering the conditions of our environment for our convenience. However, Christianity states that comfort and contentment can only be found in a relationship with Jesus Christ, not our earthly possessions.