Modern Day Slaves

Principles Sociology 101 –IC

February 19, 2004

Thought Slavery was Abolished? One may be mystified to learn that slavery still exsist . While this slavery of the twenty first century is by no means related to that of our forefathers, who were brought in from Africa to toil on plantations, its is no less horrific. One may even argue successfully that this of slavery given the era in which it committed is as equally heart reneging. These Modern Days Slaves are called Sex Slaves. Consist of mainly young girls between the ages of nine to twenty. These poor slaves are abducted, starved , and trafficked from all over Europe and Mexico into the United States where they are sold as prostitutes . They are sold as prostitutes but the distinction should be made they are not prostitute they are sex slaves. These girls are not working for a paycheck or a profit. They are captives of the traffickers and keepers who control their ever move. And believe it or not these Modern Day Slaves my be living in that posh house next door or around the corner from yours.