Minnesotan Radio Stations

COM 105

4 November 2003

For this assignment, I listened to few of Minnesotan radio stations, a Mauritian station from Servihoo and a Nepali-Indian radio station from Nepal.

The first station was FM 96.7. I heard Perfect by Simple plan, Can’t hold us down by Christina Aguilera, and Shake your tail feather by Nelly and P. Diddy in this station. To me the first song sounded like a young boy talking about the difficulty in fulfilling his Father’s high expectations. He explains how everyone cannot be “Perfect” and just because he is not what his Father had planned him to be he felt like his Father was drifting away from him and their relationship is not like it used to be anymore. Christina Aguilera’s song and this song seem to me to have quite a lot in common. In her song, she is sending out a message to all the women who are not getting respect from men, she talks about the differences in the genders. It’s a strong and compelling song. Nelly’s song was very different from the first two that I mentioned. I probably might not have understood all of the lyrics of the song too well; but it was a party song. In the lyrics each singer calls on for a woman to dance on the floor and they describe the kind of girl they would think ideal for a dance with them. It was a light song, not too compelling or moving like first two.

I heard a couple of songs from the Mauritian radio (Servihoo) and Hits FM 100 from Kantipur (Nepal). Since it was Sunday morning in Nepal Terry and Mumta (The DJ’s of the station) were playing new Western songs. They were all either popular romantic songs or rap music. One of them was Baby Boy- Beyonce and Sean Paul and Suga Suga by Baby Bash. They are both love songs with an enjoyable beat and lyrics.

Besides the western songs, in Mauritius they had some Indian music. Amazingly not a single song was anything but romantic. Their themes were about finding true love. The most popular ones are “Kuch Kuch Hota Hain” and “Mujhse Dosti Karoge”. The songs were from Bollywood movies (Indian Cinema). But there was a song from a Pop Boy band too called “Woh Chali”, which means “There she goes”. It’s about a girl who’s a crazy fan of theirs. It’s again on the lines of romanticism.

I chose to talk about two-three radio stations to show the differences in the variety of songs in the West and East. There is lesser variety in the themes in the East because of the excessive censoring in the East, A Christina Aguilera kind of singer will probably not be permitted to sing her song against men and an Eminem will probably not be able to sing for his explicit lyrics.