Chemistry-Per 4

Oct. 8,2002

An Alien Periodic Table


* Use information about a group of elements to arrange them into correct periods and groups.

* Relate a model periodic table to the actual periodic table.


* Copy of alien table of information for a group of elements

* Scissors


1) Study the information on your table of alien elaments.

2) Cut out the boxes for each element and arrange the boxes into a periodic pattern like the one shown.


See Attached.


1)Explain how you decided the order of the families and elements.

I organized the elements by their discription in the upper left corner, secondly I organized them by their state of matter.

2)Which is the lightest element on the alien periodic table? Which is the heaviest?

? (a gas element) was the lightest element and a sqaure root sign (a crystal element) was the heaviest.

3) How are the methods you used similiar to or different from the methods employed by Dmitri Mendeleev?

I used the way the rest of the table was completed to find the sensible order to fill in the gaps.


This lab was hard to complete at first, but then you gave us a couple of clues that still led me to no conclusion whatsoever. It wasn\'t clear to me what the pattern was until the table was completed for me with your clues. Now that I see the table completed, the logic used to get it makes sense. The experiment reminded me of the game I used to play with lucky charms and alpha- bets. Except for this game is a lot more complicated. Dmitri must have been a very smart fellow.